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Hello im am Co - Founder of the ELX mod for fifa 23
we are a mod that adds more european leagues to fifa
We aim to add most of the European leagues to fifa and also add a few 2nd divisons
The Leagues we have confirmed are

HNL (Croatia)
League of Ireland First Division (My league)
Swiss second division (CO-Owner League, Switzerland)
Danske Banke Premiership (Northern Ireland)
JD Welsh Premier League (Wales)
Greek Super League (Greece)
Erste Divise (Netherlands)
Cinch championship (Scotland)

We are looking for fifa Modders alike for the following roles
Scoreboard Creators
Compdata Editors (Urgently needed)
Trophy Creators
Miniface maker

Message me if you are interested


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Dobrý den, mám dotaz. Byli byste ochotni udělat 2 ligu v češtině? Mohu vám poslat tabulku s týmy a hráči
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We hope you like it
i surely will its so bornig to play in switzerland and get a handfull of games in a season i guess with the upgrade it will be more intresting so teams can go up and down :D really cant wait man. If i had the skills i would have helped for swiss legue :D


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Hey can u add by any chance Israeli premier league too? I could help with the players name, clubs, positions and more