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Face Converted by Molchat Doma (Faces that no one asked for)


Club Supporter
Puedes saber literalmente viendo dónde subo mis caras y dónde tienes mi cara de ounahi.;)
¿Y nunca oculté mi edad, "victimismo"? es lo mismo que has estado haciendo porque te dije que pidieras autorización. Y sí, llama a vender si quieres mientras la mayoría de mis caras son gratis.

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I insist, how will I know that you are 16? I hadn't read your bio or had no idea you used this forum.

I got your face from here (And I looked for your twitter account to give credits just in case, but no, the guy didn't like the method)

Selling is selling and stealing is stealing as I said the first time, there is not much difference in what we do (:


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VK is full of thiefs
It's a good archive for old faces unavailable to download anymore for like FIFA 14 or 15, but now there are people who just distribute paid faces for free without even telling who did specific face.

I can not like the precedence of selling faces, but never stole it just because of that.

King AJ

Starting XI
You can know by literally watching where i upload my faces and where you got my ounahi face ;)
And i never hided my age , "victimhood" ? it's the same thing you've been doing cuz i told you to ask for authorisation.And yeah call selling if you want while majority of my faces are free.

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I end it here on my part.
Have a good day

16 year old....!!


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I am converting Mehdi Taremi from Iran. I was following the conversion steps in the Etootball to FIFA tutorials (In FIFA 23 it worked for me, but in FIFA 16 I couldn't).
In Blender everything looks perfect and also when I import it in CM16.

face PRUEBA 1.png face PRUEBA 2.png
But inside the game it looks like this.

face PRUEBA 3.png face PRUEBA 4.png

Please, does anyone have a solution for these cases? Has it already happened to you? What is the problem?


Club Supporter
Actually i know simon wens for long time and also ask him a free face. Now i can't contact him. I think you can share fbx for luis chavez to me. He doesn't mind
Well, it also happens that I lost too many fbx files from my computer (it broke down and I couldn't recover everything) so I'm sorry to tell you that I lost Luis Chávez and several players that I shared previously. Try converting them from rx3 to fbx, there is a good tutorial (I would do it but I'm very lazy) and you can try how it looks. (:



Club Supporter
Two faces converted from an image in JPG format with the Metaperson Avatar app and a little modifications in blender to convert in rx3 format.

*It is not the best quality nor are the faces exactly similar, but it is a good alternative to create faces from scratch with an image of any player.*

46. Jordi Cortizo (MEX) - Monterrey (Mexico), Mexico National Team.
Jordi Cortizo.png

Jordi Cortizo

47.- David Brekalo (SVN) - Viking FK (Norway), Slovenia National Team.
David Brekalo.png

David Brekalo