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Face Converted by Molchat Doma (Faces that no one asked for)


Club Supporter
74.- Lawrence Shankland (Scotland) - Heart of Midlothian (Scotlan)

Converted by eFootball2024
Lawrence Shankland-min.png

Lawrence Shankland


Fan Favourite
Hello guys, I hope you are well and everything is going well for your lives and surroundings. Given the recent hype that FIFA 16 has caused on certain social networks and seeing that in this forum there are fewer and fewer facemakers or face converters, I have decided to upload some of my content that I have shared in other forums and networks, it seems appropriate that we continue giving life to FIFA 16 and what better than adding a lot of faces (even if they are faces that no one needs or asked about them) So here is again a list of faces that I would like to share with you and have done over the last 4 months. I hope you like them.

Blessings, Health and Peace!!
Welcome back!


Youth Team
Hi people, I was away for a long time because I received a ban that was certainly ridiculous and discriminatory.

I will no longer continue raising faces here, it seemed to me to be in very bad taste and even ignorant of the fact that by having the flag of Palestine in my signature (without any allegory to support or sympathize with the country, only the flag and one of Pepe the Frog with the flag of Palestine I was banned for "political references) that is why I am withdrawing, because I consider it a brutal act of discriminationa and xenophobia.

Would it have been different if I had put the flag of Mexico (my first nationality) or that of Ukraine, which I see that some users have or have had in their signatures without being identified as "political references"?

In short, it seemed like an extremely ignorant position and decision on the part of the staff and moderators.

It was nice to meet people who from the beginning gave me their support to start converting faces and even creating them, with whom at the time I had differences but diplomatically we later resolved them privately, so thanks to the entire community who was kind and supportive to me and enjoyed the conversions.

I will continue uploading them now on X and later on my VK account.

I wish you health, peace and freedom.

See you at X (ex-Twitter)
in case anyone has suggestions for conversions or requests (:

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That's the reason why that forum is becoming a f-ing joke.