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FC 24 to F16 Face conversions


Youth Team
at last Zieliński face :)) really great job Skoczek!
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These packs include all FC 24 PC faces for FIFA 16.

Please note!

If you found mistakes, please report them in this thread. Don't DM me. Thank you.

PC vs Nintendo Switch
FC 24 on Nintendo Switch for the first time utilizes Frostbite, making a PC version a primary source of faces from now on.

The authors of these faces are EA Sports.
Conversion software created by @Dmitri

players folder contains .lua files to activate via Revolution Mod; var1, var2 and var3 folders contain face variations


TU5 (3878 starheads):
TU6 (111 starheads + 1 fix):
TU7 (93 starheads + 1 fix):
TU8 (7 starheads):
Please convert for FIFA 15 too.


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Small effort update, small effort facepack.
TU9 has only 3 faces: 2 legacy ones - Yannick Bolasie and Mohamed Ihattaren and 1 update for Victor Osimhen
Download in the first post
What's the update for Osimhen?


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great contribution, thank you

Can you fix that in your eyes?


  • fifa16 2024-02-13 20-19-50.png
    fifa16 2024-02-13 20-19-50.png
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pe pe

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i was wondering if we can also have FIFA 17- 21 facepacks, just like fifa 14 has?
i know we already have F22, 23 and now FC 24 facepack for fifa 16
but would be cool to complete the collection for classic projects and other patches
there are some manual conversions but nothing compares to the quality of this software
if its not a lot of work, maybe you guys can consider
Can you tell me where I can find F22 and F23 faces? Thank you.