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FIFA 15 Serbian League PATCH 23/24


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FIFA 15 Serbian League Patch 23/24

Greetings friends, as I promised, I finished the Super League of Serbia for the season 23/24. Most of the things are done, there are some small things left, but I will correct that in the next few days, so it will be a beta version...

The Serbian league will be made via modingway pach. Of course, the credits go @FIFAX5 through which the oven was also made.
I thank you @RavenFCB whose stadiums I used and locally converted for the Serbian league..

you don't need FIFA 15 to install it's all in one. You just need to extract and replace and that's it. Then get CM 15 to regenerate and enjoy...

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Bro, can you release this patch again because it was deleted please, it would mean a lot to me and I didn't know this even existed for fifa 15 surprise on max :D


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brother, is there any trick or because the scoreboard is made of America, the whole fifa is very bright and when you get into the management of the team, there is a tawamba face and jovanovic stojkovica... I don't understand, is it supposed to be like that or not? there are no cups in Serbia and I don't understand anything?