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FIFA 20 Live Editor

Bebeto Matos

Club Supporter
First of all congratulations on the incredible work. FIFA's career mode has another level of immersion with its tool.

I would like to ask a question: Is it possible to play without fans in the stadium? I tried to change the stadium capacity to "0" in the "team table" tab, but that didn't work. I searched the topic for something related to this, but I didn't find it.

Thank you for all your work and sorry for my English.


Club Supporter
Aranaktu, can you please make add script from fifa 20 live editor for pes 2020 never tired player id, home away team tired or can you make for me tutorial how that do for pes 2020


Club Supporter
Can someone tell me how I can randomize all the leagues when starting a career and make all players retire after the end of the first season in career mode? I know it's possible but I don't have any clue how it can be done... Do I need some squad files or can I do it via the Live Editor?


Club Supporter
Why is no change saved even if it is a small change?

I changed the height and weight of Claire Emslie from Scotland and she didn't save.


Club Supporter
To edit team name you need to edit your loc database. It's not possible with this tool. You need Frosty+DB Master. For example, if you have English version of the game you need to change all Piemonte Calcio to Juventus in eng_us.db.

Crests are located in Legacy Explorer -> data -> ui -> imgAssets -> crest/crest16x16/crest32x32 etc.
Hello, sorry for bumping this up, but I am using your Live Editor software and trying to edit teams name, but it doesnt work.

So I googled up this post.

Could you possibly help with how to do this database edit with tools mentioned in the post above?


Club Supporter
Hello, I know I am very late but PLEASE respond Aranaktu
When I try to open FIFA 20 Live Editor on the Cheat Engine (correct version) it opens the live editor, then just crashes both itself and the cheat engine. Is there any fix to this, do I have to download an older version of the live editor or something to do with the cheat engine? I saw on Reddit someone was asking the same thing and apparently it’s a Windows 11 thing? If there is a fix please tell me but chances are you won’t see this.