FIFA 23 Conversions (DB, Kits, ect.)


Sorry if it is not where to ask, but I wanted to know if anyone could tell me why Stadium Server stopped working? Reinstall FIFA from scratch and after installing it no longer works for me, it always opens for any team in Waldstadion, beyond the corresponding assignment stadium. And when I install and regenerate with CGFS16 upon entering FIFA after the profile, the game crashes. Thank you!
I had a similar issue when I started to play 16 again. Some stadiums it seems need to be reassigned in game, especially if you updated/installed a new database. Also while the game is running make sure the CG File Server is reading the team IDs correctly. I usually right click on CG File Server and select "show form" to see that it's reading the IDs. Hope this helps.


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Are there any chances for minifaces??

mita996 already shared them.

Specific kitnumbers

if there may be interest,
like last year i can create specific kitnumbers, i got a script for this :
color the RGB FIFA 20 kitnumbers based on the teamkits table, 2 kitnumber-sets (jersey & short) for each kit

is there interest, or are there better solutions avaible ?

They could be useful for those who want all numbers to be the correct colours. I am about to share my conversion which uses the standard colour indexes, I think they are a reasonably good simplification.

I want bayren munchen and man city _tottenham kits only converted for ps3

Those kits should be compatible with FIFA 16 PS3.


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FIFA 20 to 14 db.
thank you for the answer what do you think if I apply in FIFA 16 and I have the latest version ModdingWay 28.0.4 will work and will crash the whole game unfortunately on ModdingWay db @iturbe67 works badly and it is impossible to find the necessary db perhaps, you will advise something?