FIFA Infinity Patch 16 V6.0 (22/23 Edition)


Does anyone have the latest new DB like Fifa 23 ?
socuser09 can you tell me when you release a new DB?
Ok , i ask you questions you answer me
Has FIFA 23 come out yet ?
Do you know what teams are there in database?
Can you confirm all the new licensed teams and players added in this fifa?

If the game itself hasn't come out yet , how can you expect scouser to share you a database like that

Maybe by some sorcery this can be possible , what's your opinion on this?


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This is my latest FIFA 16 DB + DLC folder. Please be aware that the Dutch third division from my patch is installed in this db. Career mode is working fine, please don't ask my about kits or something you can download them from the forum here. Always back up your own db and dlc folder first & make sure you use the setfacetype function before starting the game.

i'm sorry, but how fix this?
Screenshot 2022-08-23 201914.jpg


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In career mode, How to increase the month of the transfer window?

If I transfer any player in loan after loan completion they will be going to a free agent?


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Gentlemen, someone will tell me why I have disappearing names of players in the game and in CM 16 everything works fine, the original game the only change that took place was the added Vanarama National League
Hey man!
Can you share your version od this mod with Vanarama League?


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How do I change the teams for Champions League and Europa League in career mode? Editing the task files doesn't seem to change anything, looks like last seasons teams and groups are still "hard coded" into the game with FIP 5.2. I also couldn't figure it out with db master. I guess I have to edit some game file with another program, but what file and what program?