FIFA22 Extra National Teams Patch 11.0 --TU17 for FMM1.1.3


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It's advised to launch it for the first time from the FIFA Mod Manager using the option "Delete FIFAModData and Launch", but only for the first time.

If you want to play the vanilla FIFA for FUT just launch it from Origin without the FIFA Mod Manager
Ok man, I run to try this mod.Thank you very much for the suggestions.


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Can you tell me if the Italian language is supported? What happens if I play in Italian?
As stated in the first post Italian is not among the supported languages. I guess that playing with an unsupported language might cause some issues with names


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the Europe qualification will contain 36 teams with 6 groups. Groups invisible but playable and functional in career mode. Top 2 in each group and the winner of best two third ranking group teams in playoff match advance to World Cup
Fantastic news! But maybe I am misunderstanding, but you have 13 teams from UEFA in the world cup before, and now it looks to be 14. Am I wrong or have you moved a slot from another continent to europe?


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@paul2008me123 congratulations mate, you did really great work on here!! just tested 6.0 this afternoon a bit, the best mod for this game, this is at least how national teams part must be in games :) :)

just the small setback that Concacaf is a bit left over on it, even regarding all others confederations, maybe one day you'll find time or mainly a way to include at least some more teams on it ;)

ps: I don't know if you ever thought about it but a complete all national teams version compatible only with tournament mode, so 2 version, one for career with those teams and second one with all the national teams in it for tournament mode would be a dream on an actual game


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Hi, thanks for this great mod. I have problem with career mode with ENT6. When I start career mode and go to squad hub, I don't know why but game crashes. I'm using this mod since ENT4 and I didn't have this before. Not sure if I did something wrong, I don’t use other mods, I did some transfers in customize, and swapped team when starting career mode. Team I used is Newcastle United.


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fifa22 2022-04-01 04-00-44-406.jpg

could you please check the compdata one more time..? The number of games per one team in UCL group stage is 3. I think it is a bug...


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Basically why I love World Cup videogames. Being able to select whichever national team I want, from the strongest to the smallest and unknown.

If FIFA World Cup 2014 was still updated to this day on the PS3 I'd probably still play it
if someone would help with dlc and graphics imports, I think I should be able to get all national teams in fifa 22 since I'm editing the games for years, mainly fifa 16 database are really usable to complete the database and most of graphics can be used. But that would imply replacing teams from lower leagues, so that would be only a tournament mode version but all 211 national teams inside
good night, first I want to congratulate you for the patch, excellent! just a situation, as the colleague above mentioned the european cups (uefa champions league, uefa europa league and conference league) are in the group stage with one-way games, there are no games back, if you can correct it, thank you.