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Help with my team selection (my father is the coach)


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Ok... i have a goalkeeping dilemma, we have two goalkeepers and dont know which one to select, one is better shot stopper but is not very solid and hesitates alot to come off his line, but the other goalkeeper is very solid and comes off his line very often, sometimes when he doesnt need to, he is also slow at getting back as well and often gets chipped... any help would be appreciated


Senior Squad
get another keeper ha

na just go with the guy that is on form so to speak
then work on their problem areas in training and who ever responds best to training play them


Club Supporter
Give more training to both of them and after that force them to competete .. Select the winner .. It doesnt mean that u have to leave the second one.. Give him a another chance .. This circle process must be continued.
mathew hadley
comment post


Youth Team
I think that hesitation is a hard thing to improve but for the other keeper if it's fitness that needs to improve to get back quicker then this could probably be fixed but i think the idea above is great aswell the best idea would be to let them both in and rotate them or who choose who ever trained the best that week.


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cheers for responses, this teams season is finished anyway and im not going back to it.


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Which keeper did you end up using? I would go with the first keeper.

Well the first was pretty mentally weak and couldn't cut it and stopped playing all together, the second was our keeper but I left to play seniors not long after but I think he ended up playing fullback in his late teen years before joining the army