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How ghetto is your 'hood?

In recent weeks I've become convinced that I'm part of a secret reality show called "Last White Man Standing." Let me explain what I mean. Last summer I moved into Country Club Apartments, an ironically-named apartment complex in north-central Urbana, IL. The name is ironic because it's essentially a low-income, blue-collar, working class-neighborhood (which I suppose is still better than a non-working-class-neighborhood). When I moved in the ethnic composition of the complex was roughly as follows:

50% Black
25% White
10% East Asian
10% Hispanic
5% Other

Since I moved there, there have been a lot people moving in and out. Those leaving have primarily been white; the people coming in generally fall into the following groups: Mexicans, black people, Mexicans, Mexicans and Mexicans. I estimate the current racial composition to be something like:

50% Black
30% Hispanic
10% White
5% East-Asian
5% Other

So basically, I think I'm part of some secret competition where the white guy who stays the longest before freaking out and moving out gets the prize. If so, I'm doing pretty good. But what's with the white flight, seriously? I hope this is an anomaly and we're not experiencing a nation-wide throwback to the 50's/60's.

This brings me to my question: how ghetto is your 'hood? More specifically, on a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being the ghettoest), based on the following three attributes: Ethnic Composition, Infrastructure and Crime. Here's how my 'hood scores:

Ethnic Composition: 8 (see above)
Infrastructure: 3 (Most of the neighborhood looks reasonably nice, if unspectacular; Very little graffiti or other evidence of vandalism; roads are in terrible condition though)
Crime: 5 (Haven't had any problems personally, but I've heard of others who have; There's a park with a lake just across from my apartment building. One night I saw a couple of police cars parked right in the middle of it, by the water, with their lights flashing. I couldn't figure out what was going on, but another onlooker made the following comment:

"I hope they didn't find another body in the lake."

Yes. Another body. As in: they had previously found a dead body in the lake that I live by. Awesome.)

Average score: 5.3/10 ---> moderate ghetto-ness


Starting XI
Well I live on Green Street in the heart of campus where everything's nearby so I can't complain :D (except about the monthly apartment lease)


The Legend
I'd say my neighborhood is 50% black, 45% white, 5% other.

Not much crime, but the infrastructure is dreadful. I'd give it a 1. I'm not sure if anyone has been on Monroe Road in Charlotte, but there are literally trees digging up the road. It's like off roading.

Better than living in Eastland certainly.
Dragan T;2628511 said:
You're white? Bulgarians aren't white, they're gypo-brownish. (H)
The politically correct term is beige/olive.

I'm actually pretty white for a Bulgarian. And I have bright-colored eyes, also highly unusual. But we Bulgarians are basically mutts - a tablespoon of Slavic, a teaspoon of Turk, a dash of Greek and a pinch of gypsy. A real Balkan sh*t cocktail.


Senior Squad
I'd put mine at 80% white, 15% hispanic, and 5% black, which is somewhat surprising, because I happen to be a stone's throw away from the ghetto part of town, where the concentration of Mexicans is about 85%-90%, with blacks making up the remaining percentage points. Anyway, using Shifty's Ghettoness Scale (DGS), here's how I rank my hood:

Ethnic Composition: 2 (Not the most white-bread part of town, but pretty close.)
Infrastructure: 4 (Mainly single-family houses, but there's also a dive bar and a funeral home close by. Also, this being Rhode Island, the roads are always in terrible condition and are repaired by gaffer tape, Brawndo, and prayer.)
Crime: 3 (usually nothing more than the occasional speeder, but once in a great while something more serious happens, like a drug bust.)

Average score: 3


Well I don't live exactly in one of the hood's buildings, but the proximity means it's basically the same thing. So I'd say

Ethnic Composition: 3, just because I don't want to go to the length of saying it's all white, but the amount of black/asian is very reduced...
Infrastructure: 6, they've done some remodeling of the buildings facades, but the graffiti and interiors are still shyte..
Crime: 3, Police station nearby, which doesn't mean a there isn't drug traffic and the occasional pickpocket..

DGS score: 4/10 --> mild ghettification

Back Door Skip

Staff member
I give it a six. We got the Katrina refugees, so there was an influx of blacks in my apartments. For the most part it's pretty laid back, though. It's pretty safe since there's a high school right next to the complex.

Aside from the casual 'yo, man, you know where can I score some ganjah?' questions every now and then when I get the mail, I think it's pretty safe. Especially considering there's been a shooting at the complex across from mine, and the one on the next street, which is where my girlfriend lives.


Senior Squad
40% white, 20% black, 20% Indian/East Asians, 10% Asian, 10% Hispanic

But I live in the unofficial part of Herndon. If you actually travel to Town of Herndon, the Hispanic population rises dramatically. My neighborhood's 'ghetoness' would be between 4-5 but in Town of Herndon, it'd be 7-8 easily.


Make America Great Again
Mine is probably about 65% black, 35% white, but I'm on a border of the typical city composition and a college campus. My advice to you Shifty, if you're uncomfortable living where they drag bodies out of lakes, maybe you should move closer to campus.


Fan Favourite
60% white, 39% asian 1% black
so whats that..

Ethnic Composition: 2?
Infrastructure: 4, Theres nothing bad about it but nothing good either, too many gardens.
Crime: 1, absolutely no crime at all, i dont even think we have police officers where I live


Fan Favourite
80% White
2% White from other EU Countries
7.99% Asian
0.01% Black
10% Albanians


Apparently we didnt have any colonies in africa durring the 18th-19th-20th century


Reserve Team
70% white
15% gypsies
15% Asian (chinese)
You'll laugh of chinese, but if you walk for 1 hour, you'll surely find at least 1 chinese.

Infrastructure: 6 (depends on the region... my neighbourhood is pretty ghetto-ish, considering i'm on the most eastern side, but the center is really really cool)
Crime rate: 8 (really!)
Ethnicty blahblah: 4

Final score: 6 - Ghetto!!! But, again, depends on the region, cause you won't find many gipsies in the center... This score is for my neighbourhood


Make America Great Again
mrromaniac;2629552 said:
70% white
15% gypsies
15% Asian (chinese)
You'll laugh of chinese, but if you walk for 1 hour, you'll surely find at least 1 chinese.


I like how you think I'm laughing over the Chinese.


Reserve Team
In your country it's pretty normal, but here...
And btw, that "you" wasn't really intended for you. If I would have want to say that just to you, I'd probably would've said "The alpha-male". :D


Make America Great Again
mrromaniac;2630311 said:
In your country it's pretty normal, but here...
And btw, that "you" wasn't really intended for you. If I would have want to say that just to you, I'd probably would've said "The alpha-male". :D

Oh shut up.

And it's funny because you put "gypsies" as some sort of weird racial group.