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Introduce Yourself


Club Supporter
hallo ich bin Carlos*timu Ich war ein Liebling der professionellen Spieler in der Welt des Fußballs, fifa 14 ist jetzt meine wichtigste Spiel!


Club Supporter
Hello, I am Mohamed from Egypt.
Today, I get Fifa 2014, and I have some questions related to turf batch and turf color and some other questions....


Club Supporter
hi im ghost and i love this place to learn how to mod fifa thanks for such great help to make it easy for us learning how to mod fifa


Club Supporter
Hello, my name is Will, I bought FIFA '13 just the other week, haven't played FIFA since like 2001. But when I heard Rinaldo was still knocking around and writing editing tools it was a no-brainer.

I have a question about using Creation Master, which I hope to post a thread about once I get permission to post new threads.


Youth Team
I started a new thread on FIFA 11 forum yesterday. How long will it actually take to get published? Nothing has happened since yesterday.


Youth Team
Hi, I'm a photographer, graphic designer and also the big Arsenal supporter. My new thread is coming


Club Supporter
Hi I came here to check out FIFA 14 editing category as well as looking at new boots arrival , career modes in FIFA 14 and so on.


Club Supporter
Hi to all of you.

I´m glad to post my first message: "Soccer, Soccer, Soccer".

In the future, I will probably post better ones than this.

Glad to be part of the community.

Thats all, folks.

P.S.: Sorry for my bad English!