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Kit(s) Request Thread


Club Supporter
can someone remove the champions bdge
usa away shorts 2023.png


Club Supporter
Hi!, Could someone help me making these kits, i know those are many and i apologize in advance, but i couldn't find them in any forum

Thank you in advance too!


  • belgrano home back.jpg
    belgrano home back.jpg
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  • belgrano home front.jpg
    belgrano home front.jpg
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  • belgrano away front.jpg
    belgrano away front.jpg
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  • belgrano awy back.jpg
    belgrano awy back.jpg
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  • belgrano gk back.jpg
    belgrano gk back.jpg
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  • belgrano gk front.jpg
    belgrano gk front.jpg
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  • instituto home front.jpg
    instituto home front.jpg
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  • instituto home back.jpg
    instituto home back.jpg
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  • insituto gk.png
    insituto gk.png
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  • instituto away front.jpg
    instituto away front.jpg
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Starting XI
With search not working again, I couldn't find the green Brazil gk with leopard pattern in any of the threads. Maybe somebody has it stored as well as Brazil 2022 black numbers?

Also, can somebody please make white/white shorts for England based on any of these (whichever is more correct)?
eng w b.png

this one by @makispla2017

Maybe the original authors can do this please?

Lastly, does anyone have Nike 2022 light blue GK kit with white Nike logos?

Not found here

I can try to make it myself as well but I'm kinda colorblind.
Is it the same base color as the kit with black Nike logos? Or it's blue vs purple?

PS can somone please confirm if Argentina away numbers are white or silver?

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