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KO's scoreboards


Youth Team
LiG TV Scoreboard

FIFA20 2020-06-27 11-36-29-84.jpg

KO's scoreboards (8.18)
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I am really enjoying your mod. I was wondering if you could make the Spanish super cup and Fifa club world cup scoreboard


  • Spanish Supercup.png
    Spanish Supercup.png
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  • Club World Cup.png
    Club World Cup.png
    397.5 KB · Views: 186


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Can you please sent me the project file now? I need it to update it to work - EA have released another update so it didnt work now.


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2 Wishes from me:
1. Could you uptade mdr scoreboard with the Logo at the bottom of the picture(Sport im Osten)?

2. A big challenge for you could you make a full 3rd League overlay with the pictures below
Begin of a game:
FIFA 20 01.07.2020 20_16_29 (1)-min.png


and here with no green boxes

and at the game the boxes at right and left bottom change it with the white box in the other picture the Logos could stay:
Folie1-min (1).PNG



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Nani8500 said:
@KO2018 it is possible for you to put the "3F Superligaen" a little bit lower so it is not overlap into the opponents "player name indicator and club logo"?
see my picture.

it was perfect but need project file to update it my self.