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makispla's Kits


Club Supporter
Hello, Makispla

Thanks for the great KITS. Thank you!

There is a hot request to you: if you have the time, opportunity and interest to make some kits of the national teams for 2015-16:

Romania 2015/16 Joma http://footballfashion.org/wordpress/2015/06/04/romania-201516-joma-home-and-away-kits/
Chinese Taipei 2015/16 http://footballfashion.org/wordpress/2015/03/18/chinese-taipei-201516-home-and-away-kits/
Suriname 2015/16 http://footballfashion.org/wordpress/2015/04/22/suriname-201516-klupp-home-and-away-kits/
Barbados 2015/16 http://footballfashion.org/wordpress/2015/03/30/barbados-201516-stanno-home-and-away-kits/
Trinidad and Tobago 2015/16 http://footballfashion.org/wordpress/2015/03/29/trinidad-and-tobago-201516-joma-home-kit/
Azerbaijan 2015 Umbro http://footballfashion.org/wordpress/2015/03/12/azerbaijan-2015-umbro-home-and-away-kits/
Norway 2015/16 Nike http://footballfashion.org/wordpress/2015/03/20/norway-201516-nike-home-and-away-kits/
Iraq 2015 http://footballfashion.org/wordpress/2015/01/20/iraq-2015-asian-cup-jako-home-and-away-kits/
Mali 2015 http://footballfashion.org/wordpress/2015/01/19/mali-2015-africa-cup-of-nations-kits/
Cape Verde 2015 http://footballfashion.org/wordpress/2015/01/14/cape-verde-2015-africa-cup-of-nations-lacatoni-home-and-away-kits/
Singapore 2014/16 http://www.google.bg/imgres?imgurl=http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-lD_7OHiiczo/VFeUp1GgGeI/AAAAAAAAZn0/8R-Zx3ODbm0/s1600/Singapore-2014-2015-Home-and-Away-Jerseys%25252B%283%29.jpg&imgrefurl=http://nicedaysports.blogspot.com/2014/11/nike-singapore-2014-2015-kits-released.html&h=640&w=640&tbnid=f9Jz-Cg0F9UyyM:&zoom=1&docid=JTBI8N6oOtyItM&ei=7fJyVemKOsamsgGcpaDgCw&tbm=isch&ved=0CCAQMygCMAI
Thailand 2014/16 http://footballfashion.org/wordpress/2014/10/27/thailand-201416-grand-sport-home-and-away-kits/
Hong Kong 2014/16 http://footballfashion.org/wordpress/2014/10/10/hong-kong-201416-nike-home-and-away-kits/

Thanks in advance!


Senior Squad
well ,i had that stupid idea that the magista opus shoe goes better with the Tiempo Legend V model so i decided to make a texture that fits...
all i got to say is that the shoemakers in this forums are some crazy ass mf's that i thank for their incredible work !!!!!
i came up with this piece of s....



Youth Team
Hi makispla thanks for your works
I have a question. when I want to change the posittion of the kit name in Cm14 it doesn't change in game. what should i do?


Senior Squad
AS Roma 15-16 shirt numbers



Starting XI
Awesome work dude!

Would just like to note that The Roma numbers Nike designed are just the numbers used for the Australian A League re coloured.
Nike put a lot of effort in to making them i seee (Sarcasm)