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New Kits 2010/2011


Fan Favourite
I wouldn't consider the 98 Mexico jersey as one of the worst, it may look gaudy but its not that bad.
it was actually considered one of the best kits ever by a graphic design magazine, because it displayed the culture and history of a nation on a jersey....


Big Daddy
Blau Grana;2832154 said:
Barcelona's jersey with the new patch of FIFA Club World Cup Champions. The BlauGrana will feature the patch on the jersey for the first time on Sunday against Valencia, and will continue to wear it until the rest of the season. Barcelona is currently looking in to selling the jersey with the patch on it.

Well at least Barca's league lets them wear it. The Premiership wouldn't allow United to wear it for domestic matches (I'll bet they let Chelsea or Arsenal do it in future though. )


Reserve Team
I don't like the Arsenal shirt at all. There's no point trying to make a nice throwback shirt if you're still gonna have some stupid modern advertisement on it.


Reserve Team
Oh my, that new Liverpool kit is simply horrible.

Also, Liverpool just isn't Liverpool without Carlsberg on their shirts.


Club Supporter
i hate this year Sporting Portugal kits and i'm shore i will hate even more next year ones seeing this Puma new template :(