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New Kits 2010/2011


Starting XI
SoccerScene on Oxford Road had them when I was there last (for the England - Egypt game), but since I am a northerner I don't know the surrounding area too well, so you may be best getting a bit more localised view.


Reserve Team
MikeyM;2850952 said:
Yeah, the classiest kit in the Europa League next season :Devil:

Actually I have to confess, the Liverpool all red with the adidas stripes is probably the most traditional kit in club football, it takes me right back to my childhood (the 80's), and also makes me wish sometimes United would go back to Adidas.

well we are one of two remaining clubs in europe left from england.:)

It'd be almost impossible for that to occur, with nike having a stranglehold on Manchester United image rights etc. but yeah it would look nice regardless.


Big Daddy
Ubik Valis;2851396 said:
Anyone know of any store in London that would have the Angola and/or Morocco kits?

try www.subside.co.uk they have an amazing range of kits throughout the world, and I think they do international delivery.


Club Supporter
I seem to remember seeing the Angola shirt in Sports Soccer in Oxford Street when I was in there a few weeks back. If they had them, then Lillywhites would most likely have them too as it is the same company.


Youth Team

Germany away kit template, and the back of the collar features a special detail: red is back after 15 years!...


Starting XI
That's the goalkeeper kit btw. Liverpool's away kit will be white with red pinstripes and a purple goalkeeper kit to go with it.


Youth Team
Nady;2852315 said:
Source? Can't seem to find it anywhere.

These were taking from the official website. They are not up but I guess somebody found them in the directory or something....

Heres a few more:


Reserve Team
I love the subtle red trim on the end of the sleeves and the end of the shorts.

It will look even better in a longsleeve.