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Norwich City FC Thread 2011-12

Sir Didier Drogba

Head Official
The canaries heroically back into the premier league. We actually get frequently relegated on purpose just so we can get the promotion excitement all over again!


Team Captain
Lol I guess this is more fun than fighting for survival every year and just to barely make it to this tough league again.

Sir Didier Drogba

Head Official
ShiftyPowers;3817567 said:
Sir_Didier_Drogba and Lee have a lot in common

For our divided loyalties? :p

It's Chelsea all the way but still got to have some local love. Except when they're in the championship, then I can forget about them.


Fan Favourite
Sir Didier Drogba;3889955 said:
And held Arsenal... Says everything about top teams in England, cos Norwich really suck

Surprised you're not fluffing it up to the "hypercompetitiveness" of english football