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Patches in .cmp format


Club Supporter
Rinaldo;2499751 said:
Argentinian Stadiums extracted by NaFeR from the Ligas Argentina Patch

The Link is incorrecto... must be repair it, because hav an http extra on the begin



Youth Team
SlowHand;2511591 said:
do we have an update for la liga or mls (like those for serie a/b and epl)?

An MLS update is in the works. I have already begun work on it.Right now I am finishing up a patch for the CONCACAF Champions League.Which I created but through an error on my behalf got destroyed. hen I finsih that patch, I'll be working on the MLS straight away.


Reserve Team
can anybody release a CMP with argentinian leagues? I think the boys of fifaargentina.nu -or something like that- have made it but there's only with installer and with a bunch of other southamerican leagues. Can anybody make it? Please? :D


Reserve Team
Can someone put please the following Patches into cmp. :

- the spanish primera patch by FIFAEvolution (only avaible in exe) (if possible convert the kits into 1g, otherwise
some stadiums crash)
- the argentinian clausura patch (only avaible with exe)
-Some of the Enhanced Stadium Updates of FIFAKorea (Santiago Bernabeu, Emirates, Old Trafford, Mestalla....)

and can please upload the copa libertadores patch, there are no south american top teams only uruguayan clausura and an update for rest of the world (no south american top teams) i want to play with allianza lima, crystal...


Starting XI
Hidden Players by Savuz: all the players with a specific face in FIFA 08 but not listed in the database
Classic players by Yanush: Zidane Suker Batistuta Baggio Bergkamp Maradona Eusebio Di Stefano Rijkard Van Basten Cruijff Deyna Tomaszewsky Romario Puskas Platini Pelé Muller Yashin Valderrama Kempes Lato"

Write the facemaker name? no..... thanks....


Club Supporter
NaFeR;2506187 said:
Argentinian Stadiums: http://files.filefront.com/Megapack+de+Estadios+Arges/;8579245;/fileinfo.html

File created by Fernando Santiago Curto (NaFer).

Megapack de Estadios Argentinos™ is a recopilation created by Fernando Santiago Curto (NaFer). Is prohibited modification

The argentinians stadiums created by: the_pelado, n4d4, anticanalla, atreida and the staff of 3dgames, section PES.

The argentinians stadiums converted from PES to FIFA 08 by Angelote74.

There stadiums is that in "Patch Liga Argentina 08 BETA™", you can download it thru http://fifa-argentina.forospanish.com

In order to install them:

1_First of all you must have the Creation Master 08 by Rinaldo. To run CM08 you need NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack, you can download it at http://www.microsft.com
2_Now you have CM installe follow the steps
3_Select File - Open Fifa08
4_It might take a while
5_In the menu selects “Patch” and then “Load”.
6_A new window will open
7_You can see: “Load”, “Import” and “Exit.
8_Bellow that, you have “Players”, “Teams”, “Leagues”, “Countries, “Tournaments”, “Stadiums”, “Referees” and “Sponsor”.
9_Select “Stadiums”.
10_Click on “Load”.
11_Select the files you download with .cmp extention.
12_You'll now see the Stadia on the cmp.
13_Now, select Import.
14_This might take a while, usually is between 5 to 10 minutes.
15_After this, the window will close
16_We return to the main one.
17_Now in where Countries says, Leagues, Teams, etc., select “Stadiums”.
18_A the left, will appear the list of all the stadiums.
19_Look for the ones that you have installed.
20_Confirm that IS in the list.
21_If not, click on the button that looks like the Refresh button on Internet Explorer.
22_If yes, go to the menu, choose “File” and then select “Save”
it will.
23_Load of 2 or 3 minutes, wait......
24_Come to close the program
25_Yes appears a "save window", select “Yes”.
26_!CONGRATULATIONS!, already you have installed the stages in your FIFA 08.

You can also download: Pack de Estadios Mexicanos™ and Pack de Estadios Bolivianos™ of http://hosted.filefront.com/nafer2007

Contact me: [email protected], [email protected]

Hi Nafer you have a interesting Latinamerican Stadiums please if you can find Venezuelas Stadiums and post here?

:icon_spin:Thanks and sorry for my bad English.


Club Supporter
Could anyone upload cmp for leagues in the Balkans, Hungarian..../ stadiums of the European national teams....


Senior Squad
mate Rinaldo could you get the israeli league in cmp also for bulgaria, serbian,romanian. I have them for 07 but time won´t let me convert them and i need other files like kits and that!!


Reserve Team
@ RINALDO and others

Can someone put please the following Patches into cmp. :

- the spanish primera patch by FIFAEvolution (only avaible in exe) (if possible convert the kits into 1g, otherwise
some stadiums crash)
- the argentinian clausura patch (only avaible with exe)