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PES 2009 licenses: what do you think?


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hey all. I wanted to start this thread to see what you guys think about PES 2009. seabass promised a complete overhaul so I'm guessing they'll turn PES 2009's gameplay into the one we all loved in the previous series. he also said stuff about new modes etc etc.. so how about the licenses? I'm a big fan of germany's team and it's killing me that after all these years I still see 'knoda' and 'schmaudortx' and also, that there is no bundesliga. but check this out: pes 2008 featured full licenses for all the best teams in the world, africa: ghana/ivory coast, asia: japan/australia, s. america: brazil/argentina & europe: czech, england, france, greece, italy, holland, portugal, scotland, spain, sweden, turkey. the next step is supposed to be getting what's left of the best teams around the globe, right? well, that's germany and maybe some quite good teams like norway or poland. do you think that we'll get to see a license for it and also, the german bundesliga? what are your predictions for pes 2009? which clubs do you think it'll have? or maybe whole leagues? I think we will have bundesliga, j-league, k-league and perhaps the scottish or brazilian or portuguese league and also a bunch of licenses for some of the best club teams around the world, mostly from europe (just like in pes 2008)

Little Dragon

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As usual, Konami needn't to be serious with the license. It just needs to care for the gameplay only. Then, the modder all over the world will do the rest.


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Hi, talking about licenses, i just discovered that there is a international challenge mode ^^ hehe i know :P its pretty sweet. there are many unlicensed teams... i love it but i would like to know a few things...is there any way you can play with diffrent countries other that euro and americas?

i would like to play with korea, but i cant. the game doesnt give me an option (not that i know of) to do so. only the north and south americas and the euro teams...is there a way i can do so???



Youth Team
It would be nice to see license's for more National teams.
And i hope the Bundesliga gets put in. it surprises me that it isnt. Not even an unlicensed league.

I'd also hope that more leagues/teams from around the world get put in. Such as the new Australian 'A-League', maybe some MLS teams and so on....


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That's what I read as well.

Furthermore they stated that PES2009 will feature a lot more stadiums and some of them are PES exclusive.

Ps. Messi will be on the PES2009 cover

(source is winningelevenblog.com)


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ogsimon;2548258 said:
FYI: Konami have just acquired the UEFA Champions League licence.

Interesting, I can see that being a huge feature of PES2009 then. EA wasted the license anyway - I hope Konami can do it some justice.


Senior Squad
well, its not officially confirmed, but there are strong indications that it is true, but it is good news for us, since EA had their chance with the license and they blew it.

But what I'd like to see is that both get equal access to the license, then we could actually focus on the game they made and not the license they acquired.


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Konami and the Champions League licence
Posted by Peter Willis in PES 2009 News on Sat 05 Jul 2008

So, as I have already made perfectly clear… PESGaming does not report rumour. I hate them, I always have. That said, I did briefly mention something which has been circulating of late in yesterdays article regarding the recent trade show in France.

The Rumour: PES 2009 has acquired the Champions League licence.

I have since been hunting high and low for answers. Well - not that high, or low, but certainly been speaking to the right people and can now bring you…

The Truth: Konami have acquired the Champions League licence.

Double check those two sentences incase you think I just typed the same thing twice. All week we have been hearing that PES 2009 will have the Champions League licence. This is not true - or, at least, this is entirely unconfirmed. What I can now confirm to you, though, is that Konami have indeed acquired the licence.

What does this all mean? Basically that Konami now have the rights to the Champions League, but whether or not they include it in PES 2009 is a whole different question. Surely it would have been mentioned at the trade show if indeed Pro Evolution Soccer was to include it this year? It wouldn’t make sense not to inform the people who will be distributing the game of such a huge fact. All they ended up saying was that they had a new licence which would have a major impact. Like I said yesterday, Konami’s definition of a major impact is likely to be very different to yours or mine.

It turns out that Konami may well be releasing a SEPERATE game altogether, exactly as EA did when they have the licence. It’s believed UEFA are pushing hard for this and I can’t see Konami refusing. After all, it would be a huge money spinner for the company.

You may well notice that there are no direct quotes from any individuals in this article… this is purely as a protection of sources and I would like to remind you that you are reading a website that does not report rumour. It is still possible that PES 2009 will feature the Champions League, but with UEFA pressing hard for a standalone game and the financial benefits of a second game clear, I just find it very unlikely that we’ll be playing it in PES 2009.


PES 2009 Champions League Mode
Posted by Peter Willis in PES 2009 News on Wed 09 Jul 2008

I was informed last week that Konami had indeed acquired the Champions League licence, but told it may not be in PES 2009. I was then told 2 days ago that it is in fact going to feature in Pro Evo 2009… but opted not to post it as there is a NDA in place. But, you know what, I didn’t sign any NDA - Konami never tell us a thing, they apparently don’t care about 10,000 PES fans coming through our door every single day. Not one single acknowledgement came from Konami following Shifty Bolas’ massive effort at putting together a letter containing the thoughts of the fans.

So screw ‘em, this post is a little bit of a two fingers up to Konami for ignoring us for the past 6 years. You may already know this if you hunt through the forums of a certain website for long enough, but…

The Champions League mode WILL be in Pro Evolution Soccer 2009. Not a seperate game.


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AWESOME NEWS!!! doesnt anyone else think so???

EDIT: by the way are they making a PES 2009 for playstation2???


Reserve Team
No need to think, give us a South America license!

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According to the site PESGAMING.COM Konami have a complete license for the UEFA Champions League, now nobody knows for sure what that means game-wise, but its for the best no doubt.


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well since we got the CL license now, I hope we're talking about the one that Man UTD won. it has a much better mix of teams. I also hope we get to see more south american teams.. and european teams that people will actually use :P I mean.. c'mon, who would take Basel f.e. in pes 2008? anyway, my hopes for the new pes are still quite 'low' but I hope they prove us all wrong this year. especially regarding to the gameplay. bundesliga would also be great to appear again..


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I'm starting to be really pessimistic about the licenses.. there have been reports over the web that pes 2009 doesn't have the CL license.. and also that bayern is replaced by zenit. finally, someone on wikipedia edited the article about pes 2009 and the licenses are the same with pes 2008 except for the bayern/zenit switch. I really hope that's not the case, I'm definitely not interested in a PES 2009 which is really PES 2008 but with better gameplay