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Spanish Segunda División B kits (2009-10)


Club Supporter
Hey guys! I'm not a designer but my wish to play with Spanish Segunda B teams makes me to try design some kits of this division. Today I give you the kits of Sant Andreu (Barcelona), Alcoyano and Sabadell. Tomorrow more. Enjoy it!

UE Sant Andreu (h/a)

CD Alcoyano (h/a)

CE Sabadell (h/a)



Club Supporter
More kits from Spanish Segunda B. Today, Atlético Ciudad (Lorquí), Conquense (Cuenca) and Dénia. Enjoy it!

CF Atlético Ciudad (h/a)

UB Conquense (h/a)

CD Denia (h/a)



Club Supporter
More kits from Segunda División B (2009-10). Today I give you the kits of Écija, Leganés and Lemona. Enjoy it!

Écija Balompié (h/a)

Leganés (h/a)

Lemona (h/a)



Club Supporter
ionutz2009;3164989 said:
bro you don't make kits 2011-2012?pliz for Liga Adelante thx;) very good kits

Sorry ionutz2009, I'm not a designer. I only create some kits of Spanish Segunda B because I wanted it to play with them in Fifa10. Request it to another users, sure that they could help you. Good luck!


Club Supporter
mibloman;3174123 said:
(Y) wow!! excelent work man!!
(Y) have you a patch over Spain 2nd B ?

Sorry, I don't know how to create a patch. I have to mix all the teams of the 4 groups in 4 levels because CMS doesn't permise me to create groups in a same league.


Club Supporter
While I can't do anything with my CM10 and not to play too with Fifa10, i give you more spanish modest clubs kits (2009-10).

Aguilas (h/a)

RSD Alcalá (h/a)

Amorebieta (h/a)

Barakaldo (h/a)

Cacereño (h/a)

Caravaca (h/a)

Cerro Reyes (h/a)

Tomorrow more! Enjoy it


Club Supporter
And that's all about Segunda B (2009-10)! I didn't post the second teams (filials) and the following teams, because aren't made for me:

OVIEDO (view)

In a new post I will publish spanish tercera división teams from 2009/10