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Tequila Kits & Hysterical Minikits


Reserve Team
Hello mates thanks for the comments!!! Are really apreciated!!!

For tonight two packs more:

First 08/09 UEFA cup participant Slaven Koprivnica from Croatia HNL league, UEFA cup version!!

Slaven Koprivnica, Croatia - Home (Collar 0)

Slaven Koprivnica, Croatia - Away (Collar 0)

Slaven Koprivnica, Croatia - GK (Collar 4)


Reserve Team
and one more from Vishcha Liha this pack is 10 of 16 for 08/09 ukrainian teams

Metalurh Zaporizhya, Ukraine - Home (Collar 0)

Metalurh Zaporizhya, Ukraine - Away (Collar 0)

Metalurh Zaporizhya, Ukraine - GK (Collar 0)


Reserve Team
Hello mates, thanks for the coments!!

Here another pack for Champions League! Danish Champion in Champions League version

Aalborg BK, Denmark - Home (Collar 5)

Aalborg BK, Denmark - Away (Collar 7)

Aalborg BK, Denmark - GK (Collar 0)

I think still working in more packs for fifa 08 during septembre, in october (when Fifa 09 will be released i think convert to fifa 09 format without template and resizing to new format) I try my kits in the fifa 09 demo resizing without template and works fine.

For this weekend i think work in the next UEFA cup teams: Brann, Norway; Slavia Praha and Banik Ostrava, Czech Republic; Besiktas, Turkey and MSK Zilina from Slovakia. Stay tuned!!!