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Tottenham vs. Aston Villa(Spoilers!)

Amazing game, I couldn't believe it.
Aston Villa were 4-1 up at White Harte Lane and Spurs got a last minute equaliser!


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Stop writing "spoilers" in the title, it looks cack, of course there's going to be spoilers. ([R] is the way to go).

Anyway, Robinson is dog poo :D


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Bring back James the man is a monster in goal.


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Even though he seems to be our international number one, I find seeing him mess up week after week really satisfying :D

And for the last year or so, it pretty much has been every week. Maybe not always as obvious as yesterday, but he has dodgy episodes constantly.

I'd say Carson is my favourite English keeper at the moment, he seems very level headed too, needs to be tried as a full international.


Robinsons is in bad form off late so McLaren give James a chance.