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    FIFA09 Demo...The Movies

    a compilation i did
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    FIFA 09 Demo for PC is here!

    a small demo compilation
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    Do you think PES 8 has ...

    personally i think the 2008 version has the most dribble-moves up to now. you just have to learn how to do them properly.
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    Best moments of PES 2008

    Thanks mate. :) glad you liked it. :)
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    Best moments of PES 2008

    i hope you enjoy...
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    Best Goals In Gif

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    Pros Please Help!!!

    use the search function.
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    Which camera view? Pes2008

    ok enough OT here. plz use the kitserver thread.
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    Which camera view? Pes2008

    duuura: you have to install kitserver properly first. go to setup.exe in your kitserver and click on Install. then repeat what you've done. try different resolutions, too.
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    Which camera view? Pes2008

    go to your kitserver folder and open "lodcfg.exe". then you have this screen.
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    PS3 or XBOX 360... PC

    the ps3 version had many slowdowns at first release, but with the latest patch its much smoother now. only replays they have to work on little bit. turf looks better on ps3 version, but on other side the 360 version has much better crowd. but if you ask me, stick with the pc version. its...
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    Kitserver 7

    Thanks a lot, Juce..
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    Which camera view? Pes2008

    try to set a widescreen resolution (e.g. 1280x720) and enable the option automatic aspect ratio setting in kitserver.
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    Which camera view? Pes2008

    yeah i think thats because the game itself is optimized for the 16:9 widescreen format. so when you play it at 4:3 format, the screen gets "tighter" from the sides and you dont see much left and right..
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    Which camera view? Pes2008

    just wanted to know what camera view has the most users... i use TV1 or Broadcasting 1 .. How about you?