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  1. _Anamorph

    3. Liga (german) static adboards pack season 2023/2024

    3. Liga (german) static adboards pack season 2023/2024 - PNG versions (1024 x 2048 & 512 x 1024) and DDS files, made by Anamorph Graphics package static adboards 3rd league made by Anamorph May be used anywhere in mods if I am mentioned as the creator => credits!
  2. V.K

    [INQUIRY] Classic Patch Adboards Community Project

    Hey all! As you might already know, Classic Patch 14 has moved from UCL focus (where just one adboard per season was enough) to domestic leagues (where the adboards variety is much more prevalent). I am creating this thread in F16 forum both because I guess the same system will most likely...
  3. A

    Help with modding adboards

    Hey, how are you? I was wondering if you could help me with adboard modding If you could anwser these simple questions, I'd be very thankful 1. Is there a way to change how the adboards behave? Or you can only change its textures? 2. Is there a way to change at which competitions each adboard...
  4. Emran_Ahm3d

    Emran's Random Adboards (National Team+Clubs)

    Hi, I am not a regular adboard maker. but, because I enjoy modding, I have made some adboards in my spare time. And my adboards won't be that good as the other adboard makers in this community but I tried my best. Hope you will like it... Here are all of 'em Polish League : 3.Liga : Copa...
  5. P

    Philips'19 Graphics

    AFC Slutsk (Slutsk, Belarus)
  6. vader

    Cant find file in FE to replace small (EA) adboards...

    Im creating some custom small adboards for lower league teams and their stadiums. If anyone is able to tell me what file(s) i need to search for and replace on FE. Would be much appreciated!
  7. yakupbet

    Yakup's Graphics

    Hi everyone,I do animated adboards for fifa 18.I did Champions League 17/18 adboards and I have the video if u want to watch it.If everyone likes my work i will do more videos on my channel.So pls Like & Subscribe to my YT channel! Video:
  8. B

    Blastermatt29's Adboards

    Hello, I plan to add some adboards that I made from random leagues and teams (including some NT) that are currently missing their adboards. First, Atlanta United FC:
  9. Andreasmax

    Andys' Graphics & Mods

    Update 4 Big Germany Patch Fifa 18 Download: Update4-NewCurrent-Version Included in the DL are the two files for the Mod Manager, the project file for the Frosty Editor and separately the database. This update contains a new database, with a squad dated 14/12/2017, which means that the folder...
  10. saul.silva

    Help with adboards and flags (banners)

    Please can anybody of good heart tell me how to solve this problem in the adboards and in the flags (banners) that I put? I already tried with the adboard that comes in the 3dgamedevblog.com's template, I already tried to import this adboard from another stadium, but it continues the same way...
  11. FIFAMoro

    FIFAMoro: Kits, Adboards, Boots, Fonts, Logos, Tools and more...

  12. D

    How to have adboards automatically change for specific teams

    Hi, In FIFA 10 there is this annoying thing that no matter what team you use, you will always see the same adboards on friendlies, tournament mode, etc. which pretty much defeats the purpose of having a specific set of adboards for each team. This didnt happen back in FIFA 07 and before so I...