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[INQUIRY] Classic Patch Adboards Community Project


Starting XI
Hey all!

As you might already know, Classic Patch 14 has moved from UCL focus (where just one adboard per season was enough) to domestic leagues (where the adboards variety is much more prevalent).
I am creating this thread in F16 forum both because I guess the same system will most likely eventually arrive to CP16 as well, and also because F16 forum is a bit more active :)

The adboards we have right now in the patch are far from authentic to say the least (e.g. Sharp, Sega, JVC, BIC Razor for EPL 09-10) and it's the same all the way to 90s and 80s, but as stated by the authors 2000s weren't a priority.

Then we have an awesome 2020s add-on by @Jbou where every big-5 league has a generic adboard (however having Nike and adidas adboards show up for Man City 19-20 who are supplied by Puma also leaves more to be desired for authenticity freaks) :)
Don't know about you but for me it just feels good to play with Chelsea 09-10 alongside adidas Jabulani and FIFA10 ads, or Inter 09-10 alongside Pirelli and Nike.
Besides, a 2020s add-on for CP14 is also in the making, so adboards for 2021-2023 era will become needed as well.

So the purpose of this thread is to find out whether someone else is interested in finding/making and adding adboards to Classic Patch teams.
Personally I have been doing this slowly but surely (currently 235 adboards added, mostly 2009-2020 top teams), but we have at least 640 teams only in the XXI century, and even more going backwards.

The general sequence I see as follows:
1. add authentic generic season-specific adboards (EPL 2004-05, La Liga 2006-07, Rest of the World 2019-20, etc.)
2. add authentic season-specific adboards to the biggest teams (Barca, Chelsea, Juventus, Bayern, etc.)
3. add authentic generic decade-specific adboards (Serie A 1990s, Bundesliga 1980s, etc.)

I suppose many of us have favorite domestic teams and while personally I may have no idea what kind of adboards Olympiacos 10-11 or Galatasaray 07-08 had, someone might be a fan and be interested in recreating those (like I enjoyed recreating CSKA Moscow 2006 or Zenit 18-19).

Adboards can be either found in FIP HBZ mods, Moddingway mods, any other add-ons, as well as created from older FIFAs and PES mods, or from scratch.

Some examples of adboards created from FIFA 08 and FIFA 10 mods:
Bayern Munich 09/10 adboards

Similarly, FC Barcelona 07/08 adboards

Some examples of adboards created from scratch:
Chelsea 2009-10
chelsea 09 10.png

Tottenham Hotspur 2009-10
Tottenham 09 10.png

Dynamo Moscow 2006
2006 Динамо.png

Some examples of generic decade adboards
Germany 1990s adboard
1990s Alemanha.png

With that said, everyone is more than welcome to find/recreate/upload (hopefully as properly named rx3) any classic adboards!

I'll just tag some people who might be interested in making/sharing their favorite team's nostalgic adboards with the community :)
@PaoloDNY @ACICOG @ovide @Skoczek @JochemLFC2 @pao4ever @Roberto001 @rique1984 @Harry BullZak @Johnny28ua @The Wizard @nikolapfc89 @Murillo 14 @luiz_fer @DeWoo @ukwe @arkapd@mattemazza @Rafael_Nilmar

CP14 team IDs: https://www.mediafire.com/file/qm7p9qrq6js5cvu/1990-2020.xlsx/file

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Starting XI
Quick example of how anyone can create F14/16 adboards from older FIFAs:

Randomly found a FIFA 2004 EPL Adboards Pack online, downloaded, found 2 images per team:
Arsenal Set 1.png
Arsenal Set 2.png

Resized both from 512x128 to 512x192 and multiplied to fit 512x1024:
03 04 Arsenal.png

Now Arsenal 2003-04 can play with more authentic atmosphere than before :)


Starting XI
Recreating nostalgic adboards can actually be so satisfying :D

Take it to the next level!

How fast is your fast?

Plus it's convenient that by creating adboards for e.g. Man Utd 09-10 we can easily switch a couple sponsors and turn them to 08-09 or 10-11 quite quickly.



Plus it really adds atmosphere/character to whichever tournament/season you're playing


Still inviting people to join the cause ;)


Starting XI
I'd love to see more classic adboards. What needs doing!?
At least:
EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Rest of the World yearly generic adboards for 2000-2023.

At best:
Any season-specific adboards for teams present in CP14 (up to 22-23) with the exception of these (mostly 09-10 and newer)

But in general - any team from any season that you feel passionate about ;)
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