1. Dmitri

    Converting PES and eFootball heads to FIFA 07/FIFA 10 format

    In this tutorial I'll explain how to convert PES 2021 head models to FIFA 07 and FIFA 10. Since model format in FIFA 07 is same with FIFA 08 format, this tutorial will also work for FIFA 08. For converting any 3D model to FIFA 07 format, check this tutorial...
  2. Death GOD 7

    [SE7EN] FIFA 3D Importer Exporter (Updated Version - Blender 2.8x)

    [SE7EN] FIFA 3D Importer Exporter (Updated Version - Blender 2.8x) Original Version by: @arianos10 (arti-10) Maintained and Updated by: @Death GOD 7 (SE7EN) GitHub : Link Latest Version : TBD "All those who wanted to make their own mods or own face or balls or any models for FIFA game had...
  3. diazjesux

    Tutorial HEADS AND HAIR OF FIFA16 to FIFA14

    Here the little tutorial on how to convert the heads and hair from FIFA 16 to FIFA 14, on the heads the conversion is perfect, on the hair there are small errors, there are users who know much more about this topic, I just hope that if they find a way to improve conversion, share your...
  4. royalbluesupporter

    royalbluesupporter'S Faces & Face-Edit

    stay tuned!
  5. Harry BullZak

    FIFA 20 PC Boot model convert to FIFA 16-14

    Are there any experienced Blender guys here? I have been trying for a long time to convert some FIFA 20 PC boots. To get the boots to at least show in game (FIFA 14) I have been following these steps: - Import FIFA 20 .fbx in to Blender - Use Limited Dissolve to reduce vertices to match FIFA 14...
  6. arcz

    ARCZ updated/converted faces

    Hi, this is my new thread. Arcz Facepack 1 - Polish Players: Artur Jędrzejczyk - Legia Warsaw Piotr Zieliński - Napoli Bartosz Salamon - SPAL 2013 Paweł Olkowski - 1.FC Koln Credits for facemakers for textures (Olkowski, Jedrzejczyk -> MIX) Download link...