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champions league

  1. M

    New Champions League Groups 23/24

    Champions League all Updated Groups Images: DOWNLOAD
  2. Dmitri

    Full HD & Widescreen support (UEFA Champions League 2004-2005)

    This plugin replaces original 4:3 resolutions by widescreen resolutions. You can change resolution in menu options. DOWNLOAD How to install First you need to install plugin loader: https://www.soccergaming.com/index.php?threads/uefa-cl-04-05-plugins-loader-asset-loader.6468717/ Then...
  3. Agustín.Ziro

    Uefa Champions League Adboards?

    Hello, I am looking for the adboards for the Champions League, which is compatible with the FIP V5 beta
  4. T

    Help! Add National Teams to Champions League

    Hi all! I am working on a project that requires me to insert National Teams into the Champions League kick-off tournament. When I hit Y to replace teams, the "International" section never appears, though all other leagues do. Can someone please tell me how to activate the International teams...
  5. BlueBandicoot

    20/21 Champion's League Ball

    @riesscar has kindly made many season 20/21 balls in his modest mods thread. But has anyone the new Champion's League ball, the Adidas Finale 20? The Molten Europa League 20/21? And the 20/21 La Liga Puma Accelerate? Ideally I'd love the textures and FBX models so we can import ourselves with...
  6. B

    Looking for a Sure bet prediction Source? Were you can win most of your daily bets

    Are you tired of losing your hard earning to bookies? Looking for a Sure bet prediction Source? Were you can win most of your daily bets, Sure we win more than 90% of our sure predictions daily. As a Sure bet prediction best source website we are kin towards giving our users the best football...

    FIFA 18 Real Names Mod

    Hey guys! Lewis here! This is just a quick, useful mod that gives real names to all teams, leagues, cups and more in FIFA 18. Mod Features: Changed “Villa Maipu” to “Chacarita Juniors” Changed “Ligo Do Brasil” to “Campeonato Brasileiro Série A” Changed “Copa Brasilia” to “Copa do Brasil”...
  8. Harry BullZak

    HELP! Convert F19 CL & EL Balls

    Hey all, I'm wondering if anyone has the time or the inclination to convert or remodel these balls for FIFA 14? I've supplied the 3D model in 4 formats: .fbx (Binary) .fbx (ASCII) .dae .obj I had some success converting the .dae model to .rx3, but couldn't get it to work in FIFA 14. I have...
  9. yakupbet

    UltraPack Mod

    Welcome to UltraPack Mod by Yakup & Adam! BIG BIG thanks to Adam for making this mod possible! Adam's thread: http://www.soccergaming.com/index.php?threads/adams-faces.6465304/ I am gonna show how to make UltraPack properfly work,so pay attetion! TUTORIAL+ALL DOWNLOAD LINKS HERE: Note:this is a...
  10. yakupbet

    Yakup's Graphics

    Hi everyone,I do animated adboards for fifa 18.I did Champions League 17/18 adboards and I have the video if u want to watch it.If everyone likes my work i will do more videos on my channel.So pls Like & Subscribe to my YT channel! Video: