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FIFA 18 Real Names Mod


Youth Team
Hey guys! Lewis here! This is just a quick, useful mod that gives real names to all teams, leagues, cups and more in FIFA 18.

Mod Features:
  • Changed “Villa Maipu” to “Chacarita Juniors”

  • Changed “Ligo Do Brasil” to “Campeonato Brasileiro Série A”

  • Changed “Copa Brasilia” to “Copa do Brasil”

  • Changed “Sport” to “Sport Recife”

  • Changed “Portimão” to “Portimonense”

  • Changed “Calico A” to “Serie A”

  • Changed “Calico B” to “Serie B”

  • Changed “Chaves” to “G.D. Chaves”

  • Changed “F. Santa Maria” to “Santa Maria FC”

  • Changed “Tondela” to “C.D. Tondela”

  • Changed “Vila das Aves” to “C.D. Aves”
  • Changed “Champions Cup” to “Champions league”

  • Changed “Euro League” to “Europa League”
  • plus a few more little changes
I've changed all names for these teams (abbreviations, scoreboard names, news names, the journey)



DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/file/hpe2ta56sa3jtt1/Real_Names.rar/file

HOW TO INSTALL: You may think because this is long, it's really complicated. It's not, I just made it really detailed. First, you need to download Frosty Mod Manager. You can get it here. Make sure you download the mod manager and not the editor. Once you unzip it, open the Mod Manager, create a new configuration, select your FIFA18.exe (found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\FIFA 18) if it's not in Program Files (x86) try in Program Files. Then, download my .zip from the link above. Then click "Import Mod(s)" in the bottom left corner. Then import my .rar. After that, click on my mod (should turn a light grey color) and click Apply Mod(s) at the bottom. Then you will see a new section appear (Applied Mods) you'll see my mod has been ticked. Then click launch, and boom! You have real names for FIFA 18!

Currently, this mod only makes changes for the English Version of the game. If you would like me to update it with another language, please reply with what language you'd like.

Current version: v1.0

Now, I may have missed some teams/leagues/cups names, so please let me know which I missed, and I'll add them in a future update. If you have any more suggestions, please also leave them in the comments below.
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