1. M

    New Editor for Fifa RTWC 98

    Hello everybody! If any retro-gamer is interested, I've written a free and open-source editor for the Fifa 98 database in Python for a hobby: https://github.com/ma-akad/fifa98edit. The editor is a little more powerful than the excellent FEd98, which we all used back in the day. One can have...
  2. Arethiel

    Arethiel's Kit Generator

    Hi there! (H) Here you can find Kit Generator for Nike, Adidas, Puma and some other, smaller brands. This was something that I wanted to do for a long while. A PSB file that will make your work so much easier and faster. I've tried to make it as simple as possible. If you find any issues or...
  3. Arethiel

    Arethiel's Free Kits

    Hi, guys! :taz: My name's Arethiel and I'm a Twitch streamer, modder and kit maker for FIFA 20. I'm a big Chelsea fan since 2005 and plan to make kits for them that I'll be using in my save and give them to you, for free. You can also requests your own kits for free on my Discord server and...
  4. Prof4x4

    When Does The FIFA 19 Editor Come Out?

    When does the FIFA 19 editor come out?
  5. Papinho81

    Stadium IDs editor, with a R software script

    Hi everyone! This is my first contribution to this fantastic forum. I am sharing with you a script in R language (equivalent to C language) that will allow you to quickly edit the IDs of downloaded fifa 16 stadiums whether the folder you downloaded have a file sever structure or a classical...
  6. Sh0wZz

    database editing

    when editing database on cm 16, should i choose normal db or moddingway db? (installing new leagues)
  7. Aranaktu

    FIFA 18 - Save Editing Thread

    Hey guys. Since I'm playing FIFA (2003) I was always curious why there isn't any save editor for this game? A few months ago I've decided to start reverse engineering a save file format in order to make a fifatracker website. I'll post here what I've found so far. FIFA 18 is pretty much already...
  8. cuhaismail

    FIFA 18 Where Is The Fan Card Folder?

    I want to do FIFA 18 Fancard work but I do not have the fancards folder where it should be, I need help ... :(