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FIFA 23: Increasing Team Count in Custom Tournament League


Club Supporter
Subject: Increasing Team Count in Custom Tournament League

Hi everyone, I have an idea that I've been wanting to implement for years. I have FIFA 23 and my question is about the Custom Tournament section. As you know, the knockout stage can accommodate up to 64 teams. However, in the league, the maximum number of teams is 24. I want to hold a league with 64 teams. In other words, I want to increase the maximum number of teams in the Custom Tournament League section from 24 to 64. So it would be like this:

FIFA 23 > Custom Tournament > League > Number of Teams > 64

I would like your guidance on how to do this.

In other words, where is the memory address for the Custom Tournament?

I am familiar with using tools like:

* Fifa editor tool
* Cheat engine

Please advise. Thank you