1. Exofifa

    Kits Made By A Noob (PeterPan)

    Joined this community 1 and a half months ago (as of 10th of November 2020). I quickly got into some groups like Manticore, KMUTD and KMT and I also created my own patch together with Arkantos called FRP (FIFA Revival Patch). All of this have came extremely fast and I owe everything to these...
  2. Arethiel

    Arethiel's Tutorials

    Hi there! :lui: Most of you probably know me, but if not, my name is Arethiel and I'm a kit maker and FIFA modder for around two years now. Last year I did several YouTube tutorials around kits and my Kit Generator, so I thought to continue that now with FIFA 21. All tutorials will be posted...
  3. Emran_Ahmed

    FIFA 21 Theme For FIFA 14 (Official Thread)

    Hi Guys, I Am Making FIFA 21 Theme For FIFA 14... So All Kind Of Progression Will Be Updated Here... It's Currently In Beta Stage. There Will Be a Public Release When It's Ready. Any Kind Suggestion And Ideas Will Be Very Appreciated. Stay Tuned And Watch This Thread To Get Regular Updates About...
  4. B

    Israeli Primer League By FIFA-ISRAEL

    Hey there, we are FIFA-ISRAEL and wer'e proud to present our extreme patch -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Israeli Primer League will swap the Danish league with its many elements: - 14 israeli teams and...
  5. kostasv1.psd

    Kostas' Theme Overhauls.

    So.....Hi! After following a lot of modders in this community, I decided to publish one of my works on fifa 20. Quick mention, I do graphic designing for a leaving. In my free time I mess around in frostyeditor, changing the menus background and redesign(if you want to call it) the ui-in terms...
  6. S

    Fifa 20 60fps cutscenes

    Hi everybody!! I have GTX 1050 TI 4GB how to unlock cutscenes to play in 60 FPS?
  7. A

    20/21 kits for FIFA 15

    Please upload all the 20/21 kits for FIFA 15 in this thread. Also, please upload the installation if you can. Thank you!
  8. M

    Club América 2006-2021

    These kits are not mine, they are the ones I have collected from other master kits Estos kits no son míos, son los que he recogido de otros kits masters Creditos a quien corresponda Credits to whom it may concern 2006-2007...
  9. deathcommand

    Death Command for FIFA19 WIP

    hello pals! as you already knows Death Command is back... and we´re working on FIFA19 Version!!!!!! Take a look our MOD Follow us for all the news and updates in
  10. A

    Tottenham Hotspur new stadium

    I request all the modders to please make the new Tottenham stadium for FIFA 15 If not, please tell me how to, so that I can make one and upload it
  11. FrederickDST19

    ¿Im Back?

    Hola chicos, espero que esten bien, ha pasado mucho desde la ultima vez que estuve por aquí.. En fin, vamos al grano, tengo muchas ganas de volver con el Facemaking, pero con fifa 20, y quisiera saber si saben de algun video tutorial de como trabajar con este fifa, ya que no tengo ni la mas...
  12. Kovea

    How do I put the specmask image to a face?

    I need to put specmask to a face image. Example Or with which tool is that done? Original photo
  13. Kovea

    How do I put the specmask image to a face?

    Wrong section.
  14. Kovea

    Has anyone already tried this mod?

    Has anyone already tried this mod? .------------------------------------------------- i want to know to buy fifa 2020 is it worth it?
  15. A

    FIFA 20 Originals from UCL, EPL, La Liga and others in Normal Match or FUT

    Hi, I ported a scoreboards from original FIFA files, to Normal kick off or FUT (no ban, i testing) LA LIGA : MLS : EPL ...
  16. somuchbetter

    A specific request in db master

    Hi guys, I am trying to update all the rosters from a national team mod database on creation master and db master. But, instead of creating an entire new player, I want to re-name some players who don't get called up to the national team anymore with players that currently play. A lot of...
  17. 127


  18. J

    Creation Master 16- Installed new stadiums on fifa 16 but can't play at night

    Hi everyone, I added new stadiums to my fifa 16 with Creation Master and they are working but i can't play at night . If i choose to play a match at 22:00 , the game will start in day too. Do you know any way to fix that? Best Regards
  19. AcoolFIfa

    FIFA 14 Road to EURO 2020 patch

    All UEFA National Teams The patch has 3 game modes - Qualification of EURO 2020 with real groups - EURO 2020 with real groups - League of Nations with real groups (Bonus tournament, no access to EURO from it) New Team Forms Euro and League of Nations Qualification Balls Overview: Download here
  20. diazjesux

    FIFA Season 2010-2011 for Switch

    Changes * FIFA 11 Database converted and adapted * All converted FIFA 11 kits (very very thanks to @scouser09) * All converted FIFA 11 fonts * Generic faces replaced by old ones * Specific player faces replaced by old ones * Converted minikits * 140,000 old minifaces * retro logos...