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face mod

  1. MMRox

    Hello, does somebody have or make this face

    It is a young Chelsea player by the name of Deivid Washington. I was considering if anybody has a face of him in FIFA 23 or does make one.
  2. wakwaw

    Missing Face Head Suggestion

    I have a problem with players faces disappearing after updating the database, I know the solution is to add a face mod but is there any suggestion that players with missing heads have randomly generated faces?
  3. tiroles

    Faces by Tiroles [Igor Paixão FIFA 23 DL]

    T. Kubo - FIFA 23 (PC MOD) - Free Download - #FIFA23
  4. M

    Fifa 23 importing faces

    I'm facing a problem with importing the face, when import the face files in editor tool, the face's right eye always looked glitched,In game and in editor tool, Why is that and how can i solve it?
  5. J

    Face Mod HSV

  6. B

    I have a issue about import face models

    Guys, I have this issue every time I import face model. I just exported face, imported Blender and exported from Blender. I didn't make any edit or sth. Is there anyone who knows a solution?
  7. C

    Help me please with Import Face in FIFA EDITOR TOOL

    I made a face for my player. In Blender it is displayed well. When I import it to the Fifa Editor Tool, it looks terrible. Yesterday I also faced such a problem, but somehow solved it. I just exported a few times and in the end it turned out. But I want to know the reason for this. The export...
  8. D

    HELP! Faces on Fifa Editor Tool look black and flat

    Hi everyone. Im having a problem when I try to import on FET faces that I made on Blender. In blender look good but when i import on FET looks black. I upload the fbx too
  9. D

    How make hair thickier?

    Hello.Im trying to do a hair for a mod but the hair in game is so thin.Which parameter can i edit for make it thickier??Thanks
  10. Fatalinho

    Fatalinho Facepacks

    Hey guys ! There is my mod ! I've converted a lot of older FIFA faces to FIFA 20 ! Enjoy ! To install them, it’s simple : Put the .fbmod files in FrostyModManager by clicking « Import Mod » and « Applying mod » Thanks to Live Editor or RDBM, change the Head Asset ID of the player on which...
  11. BR7 Mods

    BR7 Faces

    Hi guys i started modding in Fifa 19 just now created a thread in soccergaming
  12. PhilBrooksRFA

    PhilBrooks's Face Mod

    Hey guys! I will post my mods here from now on. You can download them from the youtube links! I won't be able to take any request but I will try bring some quality here. Daniele De Rossi, AS Roma (Possibly, Boca Juniors?)