1. Silnysilacz

    LOW-QUALITY FACE by Silnysilacz

    Hi, Since I was a child, I have always had the impression that there is something missing in ‘my beloved’ game. The players from the old days who kindle my love for football, disappeared or never appeared in the next generation of the game. This is how my passion for editing FIFA players...
  2. Ferdiyansyah Surya

    Faces Update Ferdiyansyah

    Face Reece James V1&V2 - Chelsea https://www.mediafire.com/download/5nkwf9nyw5poduw
  3. F

    Need Help to make face

    Hi! Does anyone know how to fix this bug?
  4. H

    Is it possible to add face textures to non textured players?

    I'm a beginner mod maker, so there are still a few things I don't know. I would like some help with this... I want to change the texture of the face of a player named "Eric Otieno" (playerid: 168317), but I can't find it anywhere in the fifa editor. ( His face is probably generated). How can...
  5. Frmike

    Eredivisie faces forum

    Hey everyone! In this thread I'll post Eredivisie player faces that are made/converted by myself or by others. Feel free to help and share your own creations! Let's make the eredivisie great again! :dragan: (if you are good in modelling 3d hair files, i would like to get your help since i'm...
  6. Sanek48.

    FIFA 15 FACE 2022

    James Philip Milner https://vk.com/fifa141516bysanek48
  7. Southwest87

    [Fifa 14] - Create and Add Managers Face

    Hi everyone! I'm coming to you because I'm planning to make ALL the manager faces in Fifa 14 (at least for League 1, League 2, Serie A, Bundesliga etc). I understand that the managers' faces are in 2D and not in 3D like the players. I know how to do it with FaceGen Modeller 3.1 but I'm not...
  8. P

    Classic faces by Piet

    Hello, I love classic football and make classic player faces that don't exist yet. Halil Altintop Sidney Govou Christian Panucci Louis Saha Albert Luque First release Hamit Altintop https://www.mediafire.com/file/akc23ovmu18hgqs/Hamit+Altintop.fbmod/file
  9. FrederickDST19

    ¿Im Back?

    Hola chicos, espero que esten bien, ha pasado mucho desde la ultima vez que estuve por aquí.. En fin, vamos al grano, tengo muchas ganas de volver con el Facemaking, pero con fifa 20, y quisiera saber si saben de algun video tutorial de como trabajar con este fifa, ya que no tengo ni la mas...
  10. A

    FIFA FACES PS3 ( probably in Xbox360)

    Hi, How are you? My named is Angelo, and for several days i have been gathering several faces, testing them on my ps3 fifa 19 and seeing which ones are alike, which are missing and which can be fixed. Honestly, i dont know how to use editing programs, so its difficult for me to fix or modify...
  11. Heisenberg

    Heisenberg's FIFA 15 faces

    I'm gonna make some faces for fifa 15..I usually dont make the faces by myself,I just combine stuffs from different faces.
  12. Dmitri

    Converting 3D-head model to old-gen FIFA format (FIFA07, 08, 06)

    In this tutorial I'll explain how to convert head model to FIFA 07. Since model format in FIFA 07 is same with FIFA 06/08 format, this tutorial will also work for FIFA 06 and 08. This tutorial doesn't explain how to create head models and textures from scratch. It shows how to convert existing...
  13. royalbluesupporter

    royalbluesupporter'S Faces & Face-Edit

    stay tuned!
  14. Samka

    5000 FACES FOR FIFA 14

    Hi lads, I present to you a mega collection of faces for FIFA 14 5000 faces for FIFA 14 (5Gb) Download here
  15. Samka

    About 1000 new faces for FIFA 14 in the last few months

    Hi all :33vff3o: Big collection from different developers, archive size 1.1 GB Download here

    FIFER's Faces

    Hey guys! I know I'm a few years late to the party, but I'll be making some faces for FIFA 16. Some new ones, some better versions of existing faces. I'll create some from scratch, and some from FIFA 18. To start, here is my Kimmich:
  17. jose queen

    Face Lucas Pratto

    Hello community, sorry for the inconvenience. someone would be so kind to make the face of lucas pratto? I tried to do it but it failed, the model of the head looks thin. (Texture by Murilocrs)
  18. fujimaru911

    10 Years Challenge Evolution of Famous Players #1 [ PES 2009 - PES 2019 ] ft. Ronaldo, Ronaldinho

    #10yearchallenge Evolution of Famous Players #1 [ PES 2009 - PES 2019 ] ft. Ronaldo, Ronaldinho I make videos game tribute/ montage... special PES & FIFA. Hope u like my video and will suport me. Thank You :D Like - Share - Comment - SUBSCRIBE if u like my video. :D
  19. Papinho81

    R scripts to update your fifa 16 database and to install faces to your game

    Hi everyone! I will use this thread to share my scripts written in the R language (similar to C language) that will allow updating your fifa 16 database using as a source squad files exported from fifa 19. To be able to execute those scripts you will need the free R statistical software which...
  20. J

    Can anyone make a David Beckham face?

    I found someone who made this model for PES and was wondering if someone could make something similar for FIFA19. Neck tattoos are not necessary except for the one with the cross.