fifa 14 mod

  1. Masterleo10

    Masterleo10 Stadiums

    Hello....friends I am Masterleo10 I created this thread to post some stadiums that I converted for Fifa 14. I am a "Rookie" in modding but always interested to learn new things in modding. Feel free to enjoy and keep support me :)
  2. V

    Career more than 15 seasons?

    I know that in FIFA 20 you can use a cheat table to change a manager's career length, but can it be done in FIFA 14? Perhaps by changing the addresses in the table or something else. I would be very grateful for a description. 15 seasons is very short if you play for example with 5 leagues with...
  3. Harry BullZak

    FIFA Infinity Patch 14 (HBZ Mod 19/20 Edition)

    FIFA Infinity Patch 14 v2.0 - v2.20 NOW AVAILABLE (FIP 14/HBZ Mod - 19/20 Edition) Updates on status are posted here FEATURES: CONVERTED FROM FIFA 20 -All leagues and teams including Brasileirão, Chinese Super League, German 3. Liga, Japanese J1 and Romanian Liga I. -Rosters (from December...