FIFA Infinity Patch 14 (HBZ Mod 19/20 Edition)

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    FIFA Infinity Patch 14 v2.0 - v2.01 NOW AVAILABLE
    (FIP 14/HBZ Mod - 19/20 Edition)

    Updates on status are posted here


    -All leagues and teams including Brasileirão, Chinese Super League, German 3. Liga, Japanese J1 and Romanian Liga I.
    -Rosters (from December 2019 squad file).
    -Kit numbers and name fonts.
    -Mini faces.
    -Team, league and tournament logos.
    -Finance (budgets, transfer fees, prize money).
    -3D logos used in replay wipes.

    -Russian Premier League (not in FIFA 20).
    -Greek Super League.
    -Czech Fortuna Liga.
    -New rest of world teams, including all missing teams from 19/20 CL and EL group stage.
    -New national teams.

    -All generic team names, tournament names, logos, and kits replaced with real ones.
    -All 19/20 UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League teams have real competition kits. Most UEFA CL teams have real kit numbers.
    -Referee kits for some leagues.
    -Real kit numbers for some teams.
    -Real sleeve patches for UEFA competitions.
    -New adboards.
    -New balls.
    -Revolution Mod 14 included.

    -Activate additional playable leagues
    -Career mode compdata (default). Ability to edit available tournaments.
    -Tournament mode compdata (additional tournaments in tournament mode, career mode will not work). Real or random group variations available, also CL including all qualifying rounds and tournament finals only.

    HarryBullZak – Patchmaking, Database, Graphics, Boots, Gloves, Faces, Balls, Theme
    scouser09 – Database, Kits, Graphics, software, scripts
    Nafer – Database, Graphics
    Mogolos – Database, Kits, Minikits
    Damien – Database, Graphics, Artwork
    pao4ever – Database, Balls, Boots, Minikits
    Makispla – Database, Kits, Minikits
    DecoRuiz – Database, Kits, Minikits
    dogfood09 – Database
    Roman Hovorka – Database
    RALE - Faces, Testing
    HenriqueMota34 - Faces
    Lagwagon93 - Faces
    Ealixo - Faces
    risaju95 - Faces – Kits, Minikits
    Semhsdorf11 – Kits, Minikits
    The Crew – Kits, Minikits
    diazjesux – Kits, Minikits
    carrasco1live – Kits, Minikits
    victorhugob15 – Kits, Minikits
    Pedro10do7 – Kits, Minikits
    Josepa94 – Kits, Minikits
    Robmar85 – Kits, Adboards
    L77 – Kits
    OlliX – Kits
    Emi Stark – Kits, Minikits
    devil 9 – Kits
    Rorschach – Kits, Minikits
    Caio Morais – Kits, Minikits
    DjonatanJG – Kits, Minikits
    Lusitania_15 – Kits
    df10 – Kits
    Voleck – Kits
    ZiJeSrbin – Kits
    TonyKroos – Kits
    Cappo92 – Kits
    FifaMan017 – Kits
    spica 2019 – Kits
    Diegote – Kits
    riesscar- Kits, Balls
    Ovide – Minikits
    AJ007 - Miniheads
    Johnny28ua - Balls
    Anamorph – Adboards, Graphics
    achiles1919 – Adboards
    ivansoto18 – Adboards
    rique – Adboards
    luiz_fer – Adboards
    uomomagnetico – Adboards, Banners
    DrDoooMuk – Adboards
    Pistolitas – Adboards
    The Danish – Adboards
    PaoloDNY – Adboards
    tokke001 – Boot Pack
    nabo78 – Boots, Boot Pack
    eddyedwards1075 – Boots
    Nikhit – Boots
    pillowbiter – Boots
    john_shadow8 – Boots
    mrBear1991 – Boots
    xuskan – Boots
    Hemiunu – Boots
    mh25 – Boots
    Alex_10 – Boots
    Ayoub AS7 – Boots
    rout – Boots
    vito – Balls
    christophe83460 – Graphics
    Leandro Ariagno – Graphics
    graysky – Graphics
    darrek1988 – Graphics
    Prodigy - Tattoos
    Ferpock - Tattoos
    eafh – Popups
    mita996 – File Extraction
    JORDINA JESSE – File Extraction
    yokaido – File Extraction
    The Wizard – File Extraction
    Mishuk – File Extraction
    kimonos – Testing
    shaLovlyandiya35 - Testing
    czeBOY - Testing
    Rinaldo – Creation Master, DB Master, FifaLibrary16.dll


    All of the additional downloads are supplied as .exe files with an accompanying batch file which can be used to remove these mods if you do not like them. Please regenerate after use.
    F14 Alternate Dynamic Camera
    F14 Enhanced Kit Wrinkles
    F14 Enhanced Weather Effects

    FIP 14 Installation video
    FIP 14 How to activate new leagues and use Tournament Manager
    FIP 14 How to install Turkish Language Pack

    FIP 14 Boot Manager PREVIEW

    Please check the following post for regular updates
    >>> HERE <<<

    Join our discord server to leave feedback, bugs and get support on this mod and more.
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    STATUS - 31/03/2020
    Not a very nice update.

    Due to the continued sharing of other YouTubers and websites of original work created by myself, FIP and all other contributors steps have been taken to remove websites and channels who are trying to make money off of our/my work.

    For those that do not understand my anger for those sharing our work in this way all I will say is the community will be which suffers.

    It is very simple. Respect other people's time and effort.

    We share our work without pay links. Whenever anyone asks to share our work this is greeted with no problem with the following caveat.

    Ask permission first - it's not always given for valid reasons
    Use the original links - NO PAY LINKS
    Make sure the full credit list is given.
    Always link to my youtube channel and FIFA Infinity website.

    If people want to make modifications to the work and share this then, of course, I have no problem with it. But, share just the additional stuff that you have added. Not the entire mod as if you are the original creator.

    As a community, I know most of you don't care, because a lot of you are downloading from these other sources. The problem is I am losing patience.

    If this continues, I will take steps to lock the database as I did with HBZ beta in all releases going forward.

    Please leave feedback either here or on the Discord server in the FIP14 section:

    • Public BETA release - COMPLETE
    • v2.00 - pre-winter transfers - COMPLETE
    • BREAK - Back w/c 9th March 2020
    • v2.01 - fixes - COMPLETE
    • v2.10 - post-winter transfers - WORKING
    • v2.11 - post-winter transfer fixes
    • v2.20 - Copa Libertadores release
    • v2.21 - Copa Libertadores fixes
    • (Possible) v2.30 - MLS 2020 update
    • (Possible) v2.30 - Brasileiro 2020 update
    • (Possible) v3.00 - FIFA 2021 update
    TASKS - v2.10 - post-winter transfers

    • Issue with fonts on Barcelona kits
    • Fix winter balls
    • Fix referee faces
    • Update referee kits (UEFA Super Cup etc)
    • Update Club World Cup tournament icon
    • UPDATE miniheads
    • Investigate 1860 Munich crash ??
    • Investigate crash on 2nd August 2021 with Arsenal??
    • Crash with Colo-Colo 19 August 2020 ??
    • Remove/update faces that cause a crash
    • CSKA Sofia & Levski Sofia added to efbet league - COMPLETE
    • Update latest FIFA 20 miniheads - COMPLETE
    • Stadium pack 1 - Around 200+ new stadiums - COMPLETE
    • Complete custom FIFA 20 theme - WORKING
    • (Possible) Add custom FIP14 theme
    • Add new in-game wipes
    • Add new presentation wipes
    • Add new flags
    • Add new adboards where required
    • Apply latest squad file - DATE TBC
    • NEW South American teams added
    • Add RPL minifaces
    • Add user-created minifaces
    • Add new versions of Tournament trophies
    • Boots & Boot Manager
    • Add previously converted FIFA 15-20 EA starheads
    • (Possible) Fix shiny hair of previously converted faces
    • Add custom faces
    • (Possible) Convert remaining FIFA 20 PC player faces
    • (Possible) Update Icons faces and stats
    • (Possible) Explain how to use Icons in-game in the READ_ME.txt document
    • Add a list of all player faces to READ_ME.txt
    • Add a comprehensive Tournament Manager guide to READ_ME.txt
    • Add new Popups & Scoreboards
    • Improve kit details via .lua files
    • New kit numbers
    • Add new International kits
    • Stadium pack 2 - 60+ new stadiums
    • Add new tournament dress for stadiums
    • Fully update language packs
    • Testing
    • Release
    Please check the following post for regular updates
    >>> HERE <<<

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    Additional leagues in bold, italic.
    • Argentina Primera División
    • Australia A-League
    • Austria Football Bundesliga
    • Belgium Pro League
    • Brazil Série A
    • Chile Primera División
    • China FA Super League*
    • Colombia Categoría Primera A
    • Czech Republic First League*
    • Denmark Superliga
    • England Premier League
    • England Football League Championship
    • England Football League One
    • England Football League Two
    • France Ligue 1
    • France Ligue 2
    • Germany 1. Bundesliga
    • Germany 2. Bundesliga
    • Germany 3. Liga*
    • Greece Super League*
    • Italy Serie A
    • Italy Serie B
    • Japan J1 League*
    • Korea Republic K League 1
    • Mexico Liga MX
    • Netherlands Eredivisie
    • Norway Eliteserien
    • Poland Ekstraklasa
    • Portugal Primeira Liga
    • Republic of Ireland League of Ireland
    • Romania Liga I*
    • Russia Premier League
    • Saudi Arabia Professional League
    • Scotland Premiership
    • Spain La Liga
    • Spain La Liga 2
    • Sweden Fotbollsallsvenskan
    • Switzerland Super League
    • Turkey Süper Lig*
    • USA Major League Soccer
    In addition, the following tournaments will be playable for all versions of FIP14 Career mode mods:
    • FIFA World Cup
    • UEFA EURO (Expanded 24 team tournament)
    • Copa America
    • FIFA Club World Cup (2021 format)
    • UEFA Super Cup
    • UEFA Champions League (Additional qualification round)
    • UEFA Europa League (Additional qualification round)
    • CONCACAF Champions League
    • AFC Champions League (Expanded)
    • CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores
    This season I will also add a playable tournament mode version which will include the following tournaments:
    FIFA World Cup
    Copa America
    UEFA Super Cup
    UEFA Champions League
    UEFA Europa League
    CONCACAF Champions League
    AFC Champions League

    CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores

    scouser09 (db, scripts, kits, testing)
    Nafer (db, testing)
    Damien (db & cover art)
    mita996 (Switch graphic files)
    Mishuk (Switch additional files)
    pao4ever (kits, balls)
    Johnny28ua (additional balls)
    shaLovlyandiya35 (RPL testing)
    czeBOY (testing)
    AJ007 (miniheads)
    Ferpock (updated tattoos)
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    You are doing a wonderful job.
    Use (some) from the attached renders. The current ones (Kane and Auba) are not looking good.
    And for the splash, make something like this :[​IMG] .

    Attached Files:

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    Also, can you modify the dlc files so we can have more offers (within the league) so the young players can get good deals and grow.
  6. HarryBullZak

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    IF I change the Start menu images it will only be for Arsenal & Tottenham players as I am an Arsenal fan. The Splash is a compilation of many players which I won't be changing.
    I will be reviewing all of this stuff. Thanks for your feedback. :D
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    first of all ..glad to have you back. Secondly i like the theme particles but would have gone for a different colour scheme though..since you used this colour in the community patch. (personal view)
    and the splash really doesn't bother me that much so i guess it's alright..and yeah will this update for 19-20 need a clean copy of the game or should we just patch it on what we have?
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    Dude, first of all, good luck. Would you please add the Turkish language and Turkcell Super Cup to the new patch?
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  9. Arka Mitra

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    u could just use fshed for the splash. it's easy
  10. ovide

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    You are a legend . I offer my help converting kits from fifa 20 to 14
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    As you can see in the image below I am playing as Arsenal. I saw that Hazard was in the last 12 months of his contract. He is valued at £128m.

    Because Hazard is in the last year of his contract my Board value him at £74.7-99.3m. So within my budget.

    Due to the fact that Chelsea are set as a rival (I have done this with many clubs) they refuse to start negotiations with me. But I will bid anyway.

    Chelsea EVENTUALLY came back with a valuation of £138m, but I'm not paying more than his value when he has just 1 year left. After MANY offers Chelsea finally accepted an offer of £100m.

    So there you have it. £128m Hazard scooped up for £100m. Pretty realistic. Although unfortunately because I'm Arsenal I can't afford his wages anyway, so the whole thing was pointless :D :D

    The reason I decided to show this as an example is even though some clubs have huge budgets and there is big real world prize money available, you can't expect to sign all of the top players straight away. As an example. Here is how much it cost for Chelsea to accept a deal when Hazard has 5 years on his contract - £220m.

    The changes don't end there.

    You may think that you can then turn to the young players to get a good deal. Think again buddy. If you want to get your hands on a young R9 Ronaldo for example, he may be valued at £8.5m but you're looking at £40-67m maybe more to purchase him. ALSO. Player Growth has been tweaked so you're still going to have to be smart in the transfer window. Don't get me wrong. Ronaldo is a pretty sound investment, but he won't be ready for the first team straight away. OR he might. Who knows :)
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    It is very similar to the Community Patch theme, but not exactly the same. The theme will be released separately so people can use it if they want to or not. I think I will go with a clean install but I haven't decided yet.
    I'll consider it.
    That would be great. :D
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    Hey bro, firstly, i want to say thank you for all work
    Secondly, you consider to add teams or liga 1 from Romania?
  14. Salman.

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    Jun 24, 2019
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    Fix keeper growth as well.
    And there is another thing, we sign prospects for huge values(50m+); when we want to sell prospects, teams don't want to offer above base value (which is at max 15m).
    And in some clubs if you have more than 42 players (with some out on loan), whenever you recall any player, the extra players just disappear.
  15. Salman.

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    Jun 24, 2019
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    Could you create an alternate menu for us then? Regardless I'll provide some Arsenal/Spurs renders later.
  16. Salman.

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    Jun 24, 2019
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    Already did it. Just wanted Harry to create something better for the patch.
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  17. HarryBullZak

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    HBZ 19-20 Season Career Mode Mod

    More details will follow, but I just wanted to mention briefly a few areas of the mod that may not be as per the previous mod.

    I want to make modding fun for myself again so will only concentrate on what I want to see in the game. Last season I was so bored of the whole thing that I didn't play the mod/game myself until a few weeks ago! Just to be clear, I am not saying that I won't consider requests, so request anything you like, just don't be offended if I don't respond.

    FIFA 20 db
    If for any reason I am unable to convert the FIFA 20 db to FIFA 14 format then I am afraid the mod will be cancelled.

    Less NEW Player faces
    Other than new FIFA 20 EA Scanned faces and older faces I've recently updated, I will not be adding any new custom faces to the mod. The reason for this is the head models are in some cases far too big or too small. They look terrible in game. They also actually take me quite some time to download and install.

    There will be a host of new stadiums including updates to stadiums from the previous mod added from initial release. Once these are added I will not add any more stadia. Stadiums are a bit of a weak point for me, other than installing them correctly I don't understand how adboards and stadium specific graphics work. Learning how all of this stuff works will be one of my first steps.

    All existing Legends/Icons will be in the db from the very first release. It will also include some of my favourite retired players or recent top quality players that have retired. These players will not be added to Free Agents or to any teams in the mod so will not be available in career mode. I will also release a version with them available in Career mode. Their mini faces will look like this in game. I'm not changing them so don't ask.
  18. HarryBullZak

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    Feb 9, 2014
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    I will consider it.
    What's wrong with goalkeeper growth? I haven't seen any problems. Can you give a bit more detail?
    I have improved the player value system. However, any players on the transfer list will only receive offers in the region of their transfer value. This is realistic. In most cases you can counter and it is up to the buying club as to whether they will pay a higher fee. I did change this but I then found after a couple of seasons the game became very boring as I could buy any player I wanted. BORING.
    The issue of clubs with more than 42 players will not occur in this release.
    Nope. I like what I have done.
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  19. Salman.

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    Jun 24, 2019
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    Young GKs don't grow good at all. They only start growing near age 23/24.
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  20. HarryBullZak

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    Feb 9, 2014
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    Ok. Goalkeepers have been set to peak later, but they should grow. I will take a look.

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