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  1. S

    FIFA 13-14 Kits for year 22 or 23

    Hi am new there and im see that many of you make the new kits for old games thats very good am using FIFA 13 from 12 years and make kit and transfer from creation but i need national teams kits and some of the great clubs so where I can find a kits for 22 or 23 or 21 for fifa FIfa13 FIFA 14 ...
  2. B

    FIFA 09 in FIFA 15

    Hi, I managed to convert FIFA 09 DB to FIFA 14 and 15 with it respectives kits from console. Was trying to see if there was a chance of creating a functional dlc to pay career but have been unable. Was wondering if starting in years before 2014 is possible?
  3. Kayuhitam

    [DOWNLOAD] FIFA 14 appearance mod and body model

    Hello everyone, i will share my cutted sock for fifa 14 100% compatible with FIP v5.03 ALP by HBZ. This cutted sock/ ankle tape mod doesnt perfect (have some minor bug due to the body type). i m not modder, i just convert material (accessory_14) from thread in fifa 15 forum and looking for a...
  4. Emran_Ahmed

    [RELEASE-BETA] FC 24 Theme + Official Soundtrack For FIFA 14

    Greetings, It's that time of the year again when EA releases a new game and I recreate it in our beloved FIFA 14. The UI style has changed quite a bit, and so has my knowledge. So I used the knowledge to make the new UI possible in FIFA 14. I will be sharing screenshots in a few minutes. Sit...
  5. Emran_Ahmed

    [RELEASE] FIFA 14: The Definitive Edition

    BACKSTORY Back in 2014 when I played FIFA 14 for the first time, I was a kid and I instantly fell in love with the game. Played it every day for hours. It still is one of my favorite FIFA games of all time. But I do have some gripes on the game. I think EA treated the FIFA 14 PC playerbase...
  6. Emran_Ahmed

    [Download] FIFA 14 Demo

    As FIFA Demos are often forgotten once the full game releases, I have started a project to hunt down FIFA Demos and make them playable. So here goes. FIFA 14 Demo build dated September 10, 2013. Fully playable and DRM-free. Extract the file and run "FIFA 14 Demo Register Tool.exe". Open the game...
  7. Amrbebo

    Darwin Nuñez FACE 2023 FOR FIFA 14

  8. Amrbebo

    Khvicha Kvaratskhelia FACE 2023 FOR FIFA 14

  9. Amrbebo


    FACEPACK PLAYERS LIKE Harvey Elliott Alisson Becker Bradley Conor Clarkson Leighton Kaide Gordon Tyler Morton Takumi Minamino TO DOWNLOAD FACEPACK
  10. Amrbebo

    Manchester City FACEPACK 2023 FOR FIFA 14

    FACEPACK PLAYERS LIKE Erling Haaland Manuel Akanji Nathan Ake Carlos Grealish Romeo Lavia James McAtee Stefan Ortega Zack Steffen TO DOWNLOAD FACEPACK
  11. Amrbebo

    Cristiano Ronaldo FACE 2023 FOR FIFA 14

  12. Amrbebo

    FIFA 14 SQUAD UPDATE Sept 2023 The latest transfer file for FIFA 2014. Transfers are updated for all teams with the latest capabilities
  13. Amrbebo

    NEW FIFA 14 FACES 2023 PART 2

  14. Emran_Ahmed

    FIFA 14 ModdingWay Mods Reuploaded

    As most of the links for FIFA 14 ModdingWay mods are dead (Defunct Host, Deleted Files, Taken Down Files etc). I am archiving them here for the near future. I own none of these mods. They are all made and owned by the legend Ariel Santarelli. Currently, every single All-In-One version is up...
  15. pollofrito01

    New Benchplayers for F14

    I just created some bench-players textures for fifa 14 the first one is liverpool fc
  16. Agustín.Ziro

    FA Cup Adboard?

    Hello, does anyone have the adboards for the fa cup? I know I shouldn't do this type of post but I can't find it on the page
  17. xtz51


    Hi guys, I would like to introduce you to one of my biggest projects. After editing and helping a team make his own patch, me and a mate of mine thought that we have the experience and knowledge to build our patch, in the way we want it to be. I will use this thread providing info about the...
  18. 21lva

    FIFA 14 2010-11 Mod - DOWNLOAD (coming soon)

    DATABASE 2O1O-11 - Season Start 2010/11 - Champions League/Europa League with real groups - Internazionale Milano is the champion of 2009/10 UCL and play the FIFA Club World Cub in december at King Fahd -------------------------------------------- Leagues converted Liga BBVA Premier League...
  19. Agustín.Ziro

    Uefa Champions League Adboards?

    Hello, I am looking for the adboards for the Champions League, which is compatible with the FIP V5 beta
  20. Cyclops

    Cyclops 14 face

    Amin Younes >> Download