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fifa 14

  1. Emran_Ahm3d

    [Download] FIFA 16 Legacy Edition

    INTRODUCTION I am always fascinated with the idea of FIFA demakes, specially demakes on PS3/Xbox360 from FIFA 15-19. I wanted to start this series with FIFA 15. But as I love FIFA 16 so much, I am about to start this series with it. Ladies & Gentleman, allow me to introduce FIFA 16 Legacy...
  2. Emran_Ahm3d

    [Download] Emran's Classic Patch 14 Themes

    In collaboration with @V.K , I am making FIFA 14 themes based on international tournaments. Here is the index/plan of the themes I will make: World Cup FIFA World Cup 2006 FIFA World Cup 2010 FIFA World Cup 2014 FIFA World Cup 2018 FIFA World Cup 2022 UEFA Euro UEFA Euro 2008 UEFA Euro 2012...
  3. messi as

    I'm playing with the joystick and I lose every game.

    It is difficult for me to defend, I know that you have to press 2 buttons to get the ball from the opponent but I don't know how to configure it correctly.
  4. Emran_Ahm3d

    [DOWNLOAD] FIFA 14 Classic Shorts Mod

    This mod replaces modern knee-high shorts to classic thigh-high shorts. Making them an excellent add-on for Classic Patch 14. Installation: Extract the file anywhere. copy “Game” and paste it to your FIFA 14 directory. Regenerate DOWNLOAD
  5. JotaHN

    [MOD] Costa Rica Classic Patch

    So, I'm creating a mod that includes a lot of seasons from Costa Rica's first division, I'm very excited to start with this, so I want to share my progress with everyone here. For now, I only have a few logos and teams because it's really hard to find the players for some of the old teams...
  6. asap_fifa14

    FIFA 14 logo conversions

    Request team team logos and I will share you some
  7. asap_fifa14

    Spanish La Liga update for FIFA 14

    hello guys I started working on spanish La Liga, I'm planning to update -rosters -squads -kits -addboards -boots -faces scoreboard if possible any help will be welcomed edited 03.12: scoreboards are still not possible as it requires hex coding but of other updates are done, I'm using 2020/21...
  8. Bonnah

    Brasileirão 2003 Patch FIFA 14

    Main Focus: Kits, Faces and stadiums/Foco principal: Kits, Faces e estádios Secondary Focus: adboards identical to real life according to 46th round of the championship, Played at december 13th 2003/Foco Secundário: adboards (placas de publicidade) idênticos aos da vida real conforme a 46ª e...
  9. jurianeo

    Come and participate in our CPU x CPU competitions.

    Hello, come and participate in my CPU x CPU tournaments, in general it's free and we have our personalized fantasy teams and a YouTube channel to post the matches and see how our teams do in our championships using this cpu x cpu tool. Everyone is welcome FIFA 16, 15 and 14. Get in touch at...
  10. G

    Search managermodeseasonobjectivemanager.lua patch

    Hi, in cm15 html guide it say that, "Using a patch of the file “managermodeseasonobjectivemanager.lua” it is now possible to play a league with any id in career mode. Doing in this way there is a limitation in the assignment of objectives.", so I search the patch to play my created leagues in...
  11. B

    Extracting kits from fifa 23 mods

    Is there any way to extract the kits from fifa 23 or EAFC 24 mods that come for them to be installed with the mod manager?
  12. S

    FIFA 13-14 Kits for year 22 or 23

    Hi am new there and im see that many of you make the new kits for old games thats very good am using FIFA 13 from 12 years and make kit and transfer from creation but i need national teams kits and some of the great clubs so where I can find a kits for 22 or 23 or 21 for fifa FIfa13 FIFA 14 ...
  13. B

    FIFA 09 in FIFA 15

    Hi, I managed to convert FIFA 09 DB to FIFA 14 and 15 with it respectives kits from console. Was trying to see if there was a chance of creating a functional dlc to pay career but have been unable. Was wondering if starting in years before 2014 is possible?
  14. Kayuhitam

    [DOWNLOAD] FIFA 14 appearance mod and program files

    Welcome! selamat datang! Hello, everyone! this is kayuhitam and i love details. btw, you can call me kayu. In this thread you can found many files about APPEARANCE MOD like body model, gripsock (ankle tape) and many stuff. my mod is based on wonderful mod, FIP 14 v5. many thanks for the...
  15. Emran_Ahm3d

    [RELEASE-BETA] FC 24 Theme + Official Soundtrack For FIFA 14

    Greetings, It's that time of the year again when EA releases a new game and I recreate it in our beloved FIFA 14. The UI style has changed quite a bit, and so has my knowledge. So I used the knowledge to make the new UI possible in FIFA 14. I will be sharing screenshots in a few minutes. Sit...
  16. Emran_Ahm3d

    [Career Mode Update] FIFA 14: The Definitive Edition

    BACKSTORY Back in 2014 when I played FIFA 14 for the first time, I was a kid and I instantly fell in love with the game. Played it every day for hours. It still is one of my favorite FIFA games of all time. But I do have some gripes on the game. I think EA treated the FIFA 14 PC playerbase...
  17. Emran_Ahm3d

    [Download] FIFA 14 Demo

    As FIFA Demos are often forgotten once the full game releases, I have started a project to hunt down FIFA Demos and make them playable. So here goes. FIFA 14 Demo build dated September 10, 2013. Fully playable and DRM-free. Extract the file and run "FIFA 14 Demo Register Tool.exe". Open the game...
  18. Amrbebo

    Darwin Nuñez FACE 2023 FOR FIFA 14

    DOWNLOAD FACE https://mega4upload.com/c6h0bm1iokzu
  19. Amrbebo

    Khvicha Kvaratskhelia FACE 2023 FOR FIFA 14

    TO DOWNLOAD https://mega4upload.com/iweid9devuko
  20. Amrbebo


    FACEPACK PLAYERS LIKE Harvey Elliott Alisson Becker Bradley Conor Clarkson Leighton Kaide Gordon Tyler Morton Takumi Minamino TO DOWNLOAD FACEPACK https://mega4upload.com/ny189yy2ou3g