fifa 14

  1. Agustín.Ziro

    Can I use the creation master in HBZ Mod?

    Now can the creation master be used in the HBZ 21/22 patch?
  2. D

    FIFA 14 ANT

    Does anyone have an All National teams patch for FIFA 14 non Origin? Thanks!!
  3. M

    Files for a realistic Career Mode

    Hello guys , I'm looking for some mod files for Fifa 14 or (even 13 or 15, 16) that the OG mod makers used to make for a realistic career mode to fix things like players wages , realistic transactions between teams , basically any mods that can make the Career Mode a realistic experience...
  4. Ziro Free

    Carabao Cup Scoreboard?

    Does anyone have the scoreboard of the carabao cup?
  5. Ziro Free

    Fifa Pre Contrat Install?

    can someone tell me how to install this?
  6. Ziro Free

    Fifa 21 Music in Fifa 14?

    Does anyone have the fifa 21 music for fifa 14?
  7. B

    FIFA 10 in FIFA 14

    I have started converting the FIFA 10 db for FIFA 14 other than some problems with the names, it has gone fairly well. The kits from the FIFA 10 console version work fine and faces and names corrections are the things I am working on currently. Only issue is that the original console version...
  8. B


    Hi, I have worked something of a road to the 2010 World Cup, as of now only UEFA, CONMEBOL and CONCACAF are playable because of the teams I have been able to gather/create. I used the Road to 2014 World cup as base and have modified it accordingly. Credits to the Classic Patch, aswell to the...
  9. B

    Is there any way to edit players inside the tournament? To activate this feature?

    Is there any way to edit players inside the tournament?
  10. Ziro Free

    River Plate Stadium Monumental Update?

    someone who updates the River plate stadium (the monumental one) without the "athletics track" and with its canvases "as in the images?
  11. Ziro Free

    Selhust Park Update?

    I am looking for an updated version of the Selhust Park!
  12. P

    Fifa 14 theme

    Can anybody tell me how can i edit fifa 14 theme specially .big files
  13. J

    FIFA Minifaces 21/22

    Hello guys, I will be making some minifaces of the season 21/22, if you like to download them I will be publishing them here
  14. O

    create a league and national team

    i want to create a new luague that is 14 teams and in euorp + a national team but i heared creating new luague could make crashes + you cant use careere mood with it any one can help me with that
  15. FIFAMoro

    Kits Templates : PSD & PNG

    Guys, Is it possible to post kits templates in PSD or PNG, so people won't make too much requests?
  16. Southwest87

    [Fifa 14] - Create and Add Managers Face

    Hi everyone! I'm coming to you because I'm planning to make ALL the manager faces in Fifa 14 (at least for League 1, League 2, Serie A, Bundesliga etc). I understand that the managers' faces are in 2D and not in 3D like the players. I know how to do it with FaceGen Modeller 3.1 but I'm not...
  17. Jay Nightwolf

    Jay Nightwolf KITS

    Guys, because of the site's internal policies, I will be making the kits you request available in a community on VK, whoever wants some of the uniforms made, they will be there, whoever wants to order one can send them here or through the VK community, you choose and i will be doing as much as...
  18. Ziro Free

    Tigre Stadium Fifa 14?

    Does anyone have the Tigre stadium for fifa 14? I can't find it anywhere
  19. Ziro Free

    FIFA 14 Stadiums Argentina

    Anyone who has stadiums in Argentina to download?
  20. Ziro Free

    Deepdale Fix?

    In the FIP MOD when I am about to play a game in Deepdale the game closes!!!!