fifa 22

  1. Aranaktu

    FIFA 22 Live Editor

    My plans for Live Editor is to make all in one tool. Modding, editing game memory, editing database, API for developers and many other features that you never dreamed about. For now this tool allows you to: - Mod almost all legacy files (add or replace) - Edit Players - Edit Teams...
  2. D

    UEFA Nations League Mod for FIFA 21/22

    I tried adding a tournament with relatively the same format as UEFA Nations League and I set the finals of the Nations League (The 2 Semi-Finals & a final) like the ones being currently played to be held every 4 years starting in 2021 (The Vacant Slot since the confederations cup was removed)...
  3. Aranaktu

    FIFA 22 Cheat Table

    Don't use it in online game modes! Cheat Engine 7.3 or newer is required! Changelog Release schedule Features available in the latest version of FIFA 22 Cheat Table: On Wiki Download: - GitHub
  4. Dominn98

    National Teams Patch for FIFA 22

    15.10.2021 - Mod status - Work in progress + testing phase 25.10.2021 - Some Crashes in Career mode 2nd season :( The players in example San Marino, Andorra not finished real names and approximate overalls and positions. - Not working 15.10.2021 career mode - some crashes in Polish League...
  5. Aranaktu

    Squadfile With Icons

    I DON'T TAKE ANY REQUESTS 25th Sep squadfile with all icons available at this moment - 105 BASE Icons - 105 MIDDLE Icons - All Icons are 19 yo (attributes not adjusted) - All Icons are in Free Agents Download: - Mega 25th Sep squadfile with all icons and Heroes available at this moment - 105...
  6. Aranaktu

    FIFA 22 EA Squad Files

    Will try to upload all squad files if possible. MEGA.NZ Folder with EA Squadfiles I've also created python script which allows you to download latest squadfile and you don't even need to own the game. - FIFA Squad File Download
  7. Aranaktu

    FIFA 22 IDs

    FIFA 22 IDs: Google Spreadsheet Use tabs at the bottom to navigate between spread sheets. Available lists of IDs: Head Models Teams Leagues Competitions Nationality Body Type Codes Commentary FUT Icons FUT Heroes Boots Tattoos Maintained by: Aranaktu FIFER
  8. Aranaktu

    FIFA 22 DBs

    FIFA 22 DB Files To open you need DB Master by Rinaldo The zip contains: data/db/fifa_beta_db-meta.xml data/db/fifa_beta_db.db data/db/fifa_demo_db-meta.xml data/db/fifa_demo_db.db data/db/fifa_madrid_db-meta.xml data/db/fifa_madrid_db.db data/db/fifa_ng_db-meta.xml data/db/fifa_ng_db.db...
  9. FIFA Editor Tool

    FIFA Editor Tool for FIFA 22

    Hey guys, This is the thread for FIFA Editor Tool for FIFA 22. I will post progress here, and you guys can report bugs, post suggestions, ask for help, etc. **Download Latest Version** **Useful Resources** Website: Trello...
  10. TheWickets

    TheWickets personal world cup mod, all kind of graphics

    I want create a personal world cup mod every FIFA, I will work every year on first 70's nations of real setember FIFA ranking. I will post kits, flags, stadium dressing textures free to download. I will use UCL kick/off to create my mod. Feel free to download some of my staff for your mods and...
  11. Triskele Esports

    Triskele Mod - Italian Championships (Serie A, Serie B, Lega Pro, Serie D)

    Hello everybody. Work on the TRISKELE MOD proceeds. Lots of news in sight for the Italian championships. Serie A, Serie B, Lega Pro and Serie D. More than 100 italian teams. 1500 players. Anyone wishing to help the project can write to me privately :)

    Leicester City 21-22 Home Kit Released