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fifa 22

  1. A

    Europa League knockouts bug, please help.

    I'm playing in League one manager career mode, and I wanted to see UEFA winners. Only for champions league, the knockout stages has been played and the winner was Liverpool. But in Europa League and conference league, none of the knockout stage games has taken place. I'm now in the month of June...
  2. A

    How to edit prize money of competitions?

    Hello, I want to know how to edit the prize money of any competition. I have the FIFA editor tool, and I went through compdata, but I don't know how to edit them. Suppose I want to edit champions league prize money, the competitionid is 223. How to make changes for competitionid
  3. M

    Career mode scripted?

    I don't know whether this problem is a common for someone or not, but I have seen a very interesting issue throughout some years that I have played the FIFA 22 version. I'm used to replaying career mode matches a lot, as I usually play as underdog teams on legendary difficulty and could easily...
  4. A

    Help with leagues please

    Hi everybody, I'm still modding on Fifa 22. First i replaced some existing leagues but i reached a point that i don't have other leagues to replace so i decided to learn how to add leagues. I followed some tutorials from a Fifa modder and i created my leagues + new teams. But when i go to...
  5. W

    Convert faces FIFA 22

    Can anyone convert faces from older FIFAs and newer FIFAs for FIFA 22? or if anyone knows how I can do it, or if someone can do it and I can pay. I am looking for: Cuauhtemoc Blanco (135708) - Last FIFA 16 Pavel Pardo (138986) - Last FIFA 13 Oswaldo Sanchez (139006) - Last FIFA 15 Arjen Robben...
  6. C

    Can someone make me a facemod for FIFA 22?

    I'm looking for someone to make me a custom face mod for FIFA 22
  7. A

    Fifa 22 crashes

    Hi everyone ! If you don't know, i'm modding the French division from the 3rd to the 6th. Everything is perfect, works etc... EXCEPT 1 thing : players. I already created 1300+ players for the 60 teams that i edited so the mod is finished but when i simulate some seasons the game can crash. I...
  8. F

    Fifa 22 Youth Academy Players Traits Mod

    Hello guys, i was wondering if there is any mod out there that generates Traits for the youth academy mod in Career mod Fifa 22. That would be a perfect extensiuon for someone who plays career mod. For a reason, ea doesnt allow us to play the game with youth players which they had at least one...
  9. F

    Please help using mod manager

    So when I try to use my mods I always get the error that there isn't permission to enter fifamoddata or whatever. I have tried deleting the file myself, automatically deleting it when clicking run, I can't make mod manager an administrator (when the app pops up the option "Run as Administrator"...
  10. Mariana

    grass in 3D?

    Hi guys, is there any mod for FIFA 22 that I left the grass in 3D? The game's lawn is different from the console version, on PC it's a smooth grass
  11. BHR

    Adding new club to FIFA 22! Help!

    When i created club in database (national team of croatia) It shows me like this ingame. Please someone help, what should i do next and where?
  12. Rolls1

    All In One - FC Barcelona Kits & Faces [FIFA 22]

    All In One - FC Barcelona Kits & Faces [FIFA 22] Changelog : https://textup.fr/487925fU DOWNLOAD LINK : https://www.mediafire.com/file/7oo8hmcww8bzj3v/BARCELONA+-+ALL+IN+ONE+[FIFA+22].rar/file Get the .RAR password by filling the form here ...
  13. K

    Barcelona kits tu15

    Hello Everyone, as you may know, i made Barcelona kits for the upcoming season but now i decided to update them to TU15! https://www.mediafire.com/file/0dqzp4xds2fwxi2/Barcelona+2022+2023+Kits.zip/file Download the zip file, extract it. Load up mod manager and import those 4 files. Have fun!
  14. Kabir2004

    Are there any unique ids for the International Expansion Mod FIFA 22 for the additional teams? (e.g Aldershot Town, Kuwait)

    Hi there, I’m pretty new to modding. I recently installed the International expansion mod with all the extra-national teams and the remaining licensed players and teams in the mod. Link to the thread...
  15. dustin_ripp

    EEP Squadfile with Icons?

    Hey guys, does anyone have a squadfile from the EEP (with the new leagues) with baby, prime or moments icons? I tried my best to do it myself, but maybe I'm too bad with these db master / rdbm programs. Thanks a lot and greetings from germany
  16. K

    FIFA 22 Unfinished Botola Pro Patch (Moroccan First League)

    BOTOLA PRO MOD (MOROCCAN FIRST LEAGUE & National Team) THIS MOD IS UNFINISHED This mod would allow to play the BOTOLA PRO in FIFA 22 in the most realistic way possible. With adboards, scoreboards, minifaces and faces. Done Adboards Half Done Scoreboard Done All Logos Need for Help/Collab...
  17. Antonio_7002 FIFA


    -I made this mod for all the Romanians that plays FIFA 22 modded on pc 6 Romanian overlays for all the leagues and PRO.ARENA for premier league -PRO TV -PRIMA TV -DIGISPORT 1 -LOOK TV -LOOKPLUS -TVR 1 THE UPDATED DOWNLOAD LINK
  18. D

    Custom silhouette crest for LaLiga Santander - Create Your Club Career Mode

    Hi everyone, i was wondering if it's possible to add the custom silhouette variation for my custom crest, like all the other teams in LaLiga Santander. I don't wanna replace permanently my crest with the silhouette one, i just want that variation when playing in the championship. I'll leave pics...
  19. Futbol Club

    FIFA 22 KITS 22/23 ( no requests )

    FIFA 22 KITS 2022 / 2023