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  1. N

    Problem with frosty editor and frosty mod manager at salford city

    Hi, guys, I'm new here. Recently I started to play fifa 20 with frosty editor and frosty mod manager, but my career as coach is at salford city and I can't change the uniform and the logos because the game don't recognize it, only the goalkeeper's. I don't know if the problem is the salford...
  2. gabrimo

    DKG - Dynamic kit generator v0.5

    The fifth version of DKG is available people! This is the first version to be 100% compatible with all Frostbite era games (FIFA 17 onwards), meaning it will export textures, hotspots, minikits and DB tables according to the game selected in the completely new UI I made. Check it out the...
  3. Dmitri

    PES/FIFA Kit Converter

    PES/FIFA Kit Converter Converts from: FIFA 11 - FIFA 21 (PC) PES 2018 - PES 2021 (PC) Converts to: FIFA 08 - FIFA 10 FIFA 07 with HD Body/Kit model FIFA Manager 09 - FIFA Manager 14 FIFA Manager Season 2020, FIFA Manager 21 How to install & requirements: - this tool can be installed on...
  4. Aguh10

    FIFA 21 Kits season 21/22 by Aguh10

    Hi, i'll posting some kits from the season 21/22 for fifa 21, as i make the kits i'll publish them. now i made 3 o 4 maybe, that i'll publish this afternoon, see u soon!
  5. A


    Hello everyone! I present to u my FANTASY KITS for Cardiff City career, which works perfectly with FIFER's Realism Mod. I know I'm not a professional graphic designer (I'm still working on it), but if someone likes it feel free to download! You can just install .fbmod from the link below...
  6. sanek48ru

    FIFA KITS 20-21

    Manchester United Kit 20/21 Скачать https://yadi.sk/d/RL5Rqez2lXIGcg Скачать https://notallowed/fifa1419
  7. AntonioSG

    I need some national team kits PLS

    Hi Brothers, any good soul can help me with some national team kits for fifa14? im looking for... rx3 or png 1024x1024 is fine for me if u have it. a least from 2018 XD DONE LOL, Thanks Kitmakers <3.
  8. S

    Juventus Mod?

    Hi guys.. I need a juventus mod. but without lose my squad file (because I change the ID of some many players for the mods)... is that possible?
  9. Sadstiiv

    RGB Template kits

    Hi! I started to do some kitmaking, i'll be sharing all the template kits i'm doing on this thread, feel free to request :D:D:D (I'm sorry if my english is not the best but i'm still studying it, hope y'all understand)
  10. E

    (Search) Croatia Kit

    Hello friends, since I am experimenting in the CG file explorer, putting kits I have created to Croatia but I have not found the kits of this world cup by any side, any one has it ??? In case it helps, I have this: Hola amigos, ya que estoy experimentando en el CG file explorer, poniendo kits...
  11. T

    Parameter is not valid. Problem with kits

    Somebody who know this error, Can help me? If need more details, I can tell it
  12. diazjesux

    Hungary - OTP Bank Liga 17/18

  13. cuhaismail

    I Need World Cup Update Kits

    I can not find the kits (for Nike 2019 kit patterns) that came with the World Cup Update from Frosty Editor, please help... :(
  14. Futbol Club

    18/19 Kits

    Kits Temporada 2018-2019 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FIFAKitCR/
  15. Enriquevy

    Pes 2010 never forgotten - Kits 2018 (Techfit style)

    I'm a fan of this PES, and I know, there are very few interested in this game, but in my free time I decided to update some of the shirts of these teams, convert them to fit in this pes, I ventured a little more (I excite a little), and decided to create to fit the techfit kits, style of shirt...
  16. A

    Edit Kits

    How to change font or color of kit number in frosty?
  17. Sehmsdorf-11

    Sehmsdorf's Kits

    Boca Juniors 3rd Kit Download