1. shoneroma90

    shoneroma90 - Kits

    ----------- FREE MODS Project / Collaboration - All in One Place ----------- ----------------------- shoneroma90 - Fifa Kits >>> ----------------------- Super Liga Serbia: Crvena Zvezda FK 2021/22 Partizan FK 2021/22 Čukarički FK 2021/22 Vojvodina FK 2021/22 - Ukraine Teams Kits - Download...
  2. maccjj

    Tutorials : How to switch the created team's kits in fifa 22.

    1.Use rdbm to open the careerxxxxx. 2.find the kitremapping in db1. 3.Change the kits id u wanted in toteamtechid. SAMPLE: The YELLOW 1 is Arsenal gk kits. I have changed my created team gk kits to the arsenal gk kits.
  3. FIFAMoro

    Kits Templates : PSD & PNG

    Guys, Is it possible to post kits templates in PSD or PNG, so people won't make too much requests?
  4. knche777

    Knche777 National Teams Kits

    National Team Kits Vanuatu New Caledonia Tonga Samoa American Samoa
  5. Jay Nightwolf

    Jay Nightwolf KITS

    Guys, because of the site's internal policies, I will be making the kits you request available in a community on VK, whoever wants some of the uniforms made, they will be there, whoever wants to order one can send them here or through the VK community, you choose and i will be doing as much as...
  6. TheWickets

    TheWickets personal world cup mod, all kind of graphics

    I want create a personal world cup mod every FIFA, I will work every year on first 70's nations of real setember FIFA ranking. I will post kits, flags, stadium dressing textures free to download. I will use UCL kick/off to create my mod. Feel free to download some of my staff for your mods and...
  7. Triskele Esports

    Triskele Mod - Italian Championships (Serie A, Serie B, Lega Pro, Serie D)

    Hello everybody. Work on the TRISKELE MOD proceeds. Lots of news in sight for the Italian championships. Serie A, Serie B, Lega Pro and Serie D. More than 100 italian teams. 1500 players. Anyone wishing to help the project can write to me privately :)
  8. Zizu07

    FIFA 11 - Nostalgia mod (fifa 07)

    Hi everyone! Sometimes i remembered FIFA 07... music, squads, atmosphere, it was a good times, but the engine, to be honest ,isn't playable for today. I hope there is someone else who did spend a lot of time in this beautiful game and ready to join this project and reincarnate this legend! The...
  9. Aguh10

    FIFA 21 Kits season 21/22 by Aguh10

    Hi, i'll posting some kits from the season 21/22 for fifa 21, as i make the kits i'll publish them. now i made 3 o 4 maybe, that i'll publish this afternoon, see u soon!
  10. F

    River Plate and Boca Juniors kits and badges (RB Patch 1.2)

    Hello everyone! Today I bring you a humble mod I made for FIFA 21, which gives you the real kits of River Plate and Boca Juniors. It has some flaws, like the fact that I couldn't change the teams' names, but it's because I've just started to use these programs and I'm not an expert or anything...
  11. 2bhex

    2b's Hungary Patch for FIFA 21

    Hello friends! I would like to start this thread for my Hungary mod that I'm doing for fifa 21. I will post updates and screenshots of the mod and I will share the links for it here once it is finished. Would really like your feedback, and appreciate your help. Thank you!
  12. soria

    Kits by soria

    Hello everybody! I have started to try to create simple kits for the Second Division of Uruguay, in this case of the champion "Club Sportivo Cerrito". For now I have only made the home kit, I would be grateful if you could help me with some templates that you have since I plan to continue...
  13. Iluyan

    Feyenoord Fantasy Kits *fifakitcreator poll update*

    Im so happy to see that there are finally modding tools for Fifa 21 Thank you! I put the kits I had reversed for Fifa 21 in right away. Here they are, hope you like them, Feel free to use them If you like to. Download them here I am not the best kit maker out there and I do realise the mini...
  14. Exofifa

    FRP ALPHA First BIG PATCH for FIFA 21!

    Me and the FRP team is proud to announce the release of the first version of FRP 21! It has a ton of graphical changes and has licensed Juventus and AS Roma. Full feature list in the download.
  15. Exofifa

    Kits Made By A Noob (PeterPan)

    Joined this community 1 and a half months ago (as of 10th of November 2020). I quickly got into some groups like Manticore, KMUTD and KMT and I also created my own patch together with Arkantos called FRP (FIFA Revival Patch). All of this have came extremely fast and I owe everything to these...
  16. Arethiel

    Arethiel's Tutorials

    Hi there! :lui: Most of you probably know me, but if not, my name is Arethiel and I'm a kit maker and FIFA modder for around two years now. Last year I did several YouTube tutorials around kits and my Kit Generator, so I thought to continue that now with FIFA 21. All tutorials will be posted...
  17. ✧ Woodashi ✧

    Anubis Production by [AP] Arkantos [KMUTD]

    Fifa 21 periode has stated and i'm more than ready to start my projects here. as soon as modding is possible, i will start making new stuff again. This time, i pan in splitting it up a bit more: 1. Base Mode (only real kits) 2. Team Addon (new teams replacing other/with real kits) 3. Fantasy...
  18. diazjesux

    KITS for FIFA 21 (only textures)

    Kits made to change, but if someone is helpful or facilitates the conversion to pc they can use them
  19. diazjesux


  20. diazjesux

    Russian Premier League KITS 2021 by diazjesux

    Akhmat Grozny Arsenal Tula CSKA Moscow Dynamo Moscow ----> Download FC Sochi FK Khimki FK Krasnodar FK Rostov FK Ufa ----> Download Lokomotiv Moscow PFK Tambov Rotor Volgograd Rubin Kazan Spartak Moscow Ural Yekaterinburg Zenit St. Petersburg