1. KompanyThePeople

    KompanyThePeople's Converted Kits

    Hello Everyone! In this thread, I'll be posting my kit conversions for FIFA 14/15/16. Since I yet don't really understand the concept of kit making I'll only do conversions from other kit makers if they allow me. Full credits go to @riesscar because these are his kits for FIFA 20. I'm just...
  2. phillyfury6

    The Lower Leagues of the USA

    Hey everyone. Thought I'd start a new thread here. Since the pandemic i've really gotten into Fifa again and have been attempting to expand the US soccer system in the game. Its been alot of work but I have well over 80 new teams. Alot of those teams in the USL championship came from a patch but...
  3. markwatney72

    Watney's Kits

    Aloha guys! Here I begin to draw the most relevant forms for the teams of the football simulator of the FIFA series. P.S. I authorize the use of all my work in your mods!
  4. danu11

    How to adjust short number position

    I was added Man Utd cup font, but the short number and adidas logo overlapped, so how to adjuts short number little bit upper, i have tried to edit "shortsnumberplacementcode" in competitionkits table but it didn't work. HELP
  5. Rolls1

    Classic/Retro kits | Rolls

    Hi, I redid absolutely all my Barça kits for all FIFA (17/18/19/20) So if you have already downloaded my barça kits in the past, you should download the latest version, all kits have been improved a lot. Barça Mods version: FIFA 17 : 4.0 FIFA 18 : 4.0 FIFA 19 : 4.0 FIFA 20 : 2.0 Also, I...
  6. S

    FIFA 20 Tunisian League Mod (replace Saudi Arabian League)

    Hello everybody. On old games like PES 6 or FIFA 10, some Tunisian modders have patched the game to have the Tunisian league, and the fourteen / sixteen teams of the championship. I have recreated this mod for FIFA 20, however it only works in French language and is not complete. All jerseys...
  7. Arethiel

    Arethiel's Kit Generator

    Hi there! (H) Here you can find Kit Generator for Nike, Adidas, Puma and some other, smaller brands. This was something that I wanted to do for a long while. A PSB file that will make your work so much easier and faster. I've tried to make it as simple as possible. If you find any issues or...
  8. Dawee

    Dawee's creations

    EPL KITOVERLAYS 19-20 Arsenal:!JGA0jKzA!0Y99zBwMN5DagPe1YGtpog Aston Villa:!BbADnKzR!HUMuQJYLw1SyUH0YiS2SFA Bournemouth:!4KZmiSZQ!OHiyr3XyRDNn3GG62HcUJQ Brighton:!ZWIFnIKJ!nG_uXirSV-_D9WAp0Ro3cQ Burnley...
  9. Arethiel

    Arethiel's Free Kits

    Hi, guys! :taz: My name's Arethiel and I'm a Twitch streamer, modder and kit maker for FIFA 20. I'm a big Chelsea fan since 2005 and plan to make kits for them that I'll be using in my save and give them to you, for free. You can also requests your own kits for free on my Discord server and...
  10. FIFAMoro

    PES Kits 2019 2020

    In this section I will post all the PES kits for PES 2020, PES 2019, PES 2018, PES 2017, PES 2016.
  11. df10


  12. Sadstiiv

    RGB Template kits

    Hi! I started to do some kitmaking, i'll be sharing all the template kits i'm doing on this thread, feel free to request :D:D:D (I'm sorry if my english is not the best but i'm still studying it, hope y'all understand)
  13. E

    CLASSIC KITS!!!!!!!

    Hi Modding community. I figured it would be cool to start a new thread where for classic kits. We are all so fixated on the latest ones that we forget the beautiful kits of the past. Can someone please see if they could make these kits. I don't think these kits have been made yet. If anyone else...
  14. FIFAMoro

    FIFAMoro Kits

    In my website I'm just collecting kits and when I don't find some of them I create them. If you're a kit maker I'll be glad if you send me to post your kits on my website and If I forgot about mentioning your name, please leave a comment or send me a message. At the end of the day we all helping...
  15. Samka

    Unofficial update for HBZ mod v. 1

    New transfers, kits, skills for hbz mod Review and download here
  16. afwan


    Welcome to UnitedDirect The Official Manchester United Online Megastore INDEX -Reserved-
  17. A

    FIFA 15 New db 2018/2019

  18. df10


    muy pronto - coming soon
  19. Andrei0401


    Hi!I'm trying to change the font of number and name on the kits, but i can't do this! How can I do that?Anyone have any idea? ....But the color of the name and numbers?
  20. penguinhunter17

    penguinhunter17's 'Fantasy Kits'

    Thread for fantasy (and some realistic) kits I'll be creating for FIFA 19! I create the jerseys for myself, but figured I'd share them anyway, just in case there's somewhere out there who likes them! Open to requests, providing it's a team I'll enjoy creating! Coeff & Normal jersey images...