legend players

  1. DON 26

    Legends All time squad files

    Hi I'm Don I'm new here and back to playing fifa on PC back after I moved to PS/Xbox in 08 My true passion has always been editing I love putting together crazy mods and editing players to make them more real then EA does. I am looking for a squad file that has already a lot of legends besides...
  2. Fatalinho

    Fatalinho Facepacks

    Hey guys ! There is my mod ! I've converted a lot of older FIFA faces to FIFA 20 ! Enjoy ! To install them, it’s simple : Put the .fbmod files in FrostyModManager by clicking « Import Mod » and « Applying mod » Thanks to Live Editor or RDBM, change the Head Asset ID of the player on which...
  3. U

    Old/Classic/Legend Players Faces

    I will share the faces of old / classic / legendary footballers under this topic. First package coming soon...