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Hello everybody!
I'm in the process of creating a serie a patch from the 2001/02 season.
I've already edited all the lineups for each team, added many faces, but unfortunately there are errors that I can't deal with.
I have problems when editing in CM like for example:

- even if I change the players' ID to the correct one and save the patch in cmp form, some players still have the wrong ID after loading it onto a "freshly" installed FIFA
- I can't play the tournament because it kicks me out of the game when I swap teams from the series for teams from the patch.
- kicks me out of the game when, for example, I want to edit Roberto Sosa from Udinese in the game.

I hope that someone will be willing to check the patch and help me fix the errors so that the patch works properly.
Forgive my english

Below is the link to the patch:
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