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national teams

  1. Rigby

    MODS Bulgarian National Team Mod WIP

    Currently WIP With Home And Away Kits Done. More Updates Will Come Soon!
  2. SelvinGUA

    Stadiums - SelvinGUA

    "Welcome to "Previews of National Team Stadium Models - SelvinGUA"! This forum is the ideal place for all FIFA enthusiasts who share a special interest in national team stadiums. We dive into the fascinating world of stadium recreation and design, focusing on those that host the thrilling...
  3. giorgos900

    Missing international kits (FIFA WORLD CUP 2022 PSP MOD)

    Hello there! So I decided to start this thread after downloading and playing the high-quality 2022 WC PSP mod from this website (the game's language is Spanish but it's the best of its kind in my opinion): https://ftscuba.blogspot.com/2022/11/fifa-wc-qatar-ppsspp-version-final.html The game...
  4. T

    Help! Add National Teams to Champions League

    Hi all! I am working on a project that requires me to insert National Teams into the Champions League kick-off tournament. When I hit Y to replace teams, the "International" section never appears, though all other leagues do. Can someone please tell me how to activate the International teams...
  5. Kiros

    OFC Nations Cup 2021 virtual simulating in FIFA98RTWC

    Hello everyone! It is my attempt to simulate OFC Cup of oceanic nations, you know that tournament, I hope. Last one were in 2016 and we couldn't see it in 2020 because of pandemic situation of COVID-19. And from now on I let myself create an alternative of it. So I made new improvement of...
  6. R

    Adding new national teams and their players

    Hello, I want to try to recreate all FIFA-member national teams in FIFA 21 (21 cause I don't plan to buy FIFA 22) and playing national teams matches is the only thing I want to do right now. Is there anyone who can help or explain precisely (step by step the best) how to add new national teams...
  7. knche777

    Knche777 National Teams Kits

    National Team Kits Vanuatu New Caledonia Tonga Samoa American Samoa
  8. D

    New National Teams Kits for my patch (New NT Patch by Dominn98)

    Hi, for a few days I have been working on a modification to a total of 100 representations (like the out-of-date patch Paul2008me123 Extra NT 6.0) because I can make compdata. I plan to release a beta version in 3 days. Anyone who likes to make costumes in fifakitcreator would like to help me...
  9. D

    All UEFA National Teams Patch

    Hello, I recently started to play around modding FIFA 21 with DB Master and FIFA Editor Tool and I am able to create new national teams. It uses the ID of the teams from FIFA Ultimate team, because you can change the goalkeeper and home kit + in 5 cases, even the away kit is still there, i.e. 3...
  10. vid1887

    National Teams - Game Recommendations

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I discovered it while looking for mods for Fifa 16 on PC. I've been searching for a while for a soccer game where I could play with the most national teams possible. Sadly, the last time EA released an official game like that was with FIFA World Cup 2014, which is not...
  11. ovide

    fifa 15 screen gets frozen

    fifa 15 is screen gets frozen, only the sound keeps playing but when I change to other screen the game crash. at the beggining I thought it was due to I use fifa 16 hair 3d model and textures but other users told me that the files are compatible. im using a mix of fabrizzio and robiie mod of...
  12. S

    Game Crashes when selecting your Squad (added National Teams)

    Anybody have a clue how to deal with crashes like this? I added some national teams (lets say Albania and Cyprus). The game crashes if one of the following things happen: - I select one of the new teams in "edit national team squads" in the menue and try to replace a player with another...
  13. Germestik

    National And Non-FIFA Teams Patch

    Some Previews In Selection: Aruba vs. Curacao Comoras vs. Cape Verde Qatar vs Hong Kong Vietnam vs. Pakistan Irak vs. Guam In Game: Mongolia vs. Bahamas Cambodia vs. Ethiopia Some New Kits: Brunei Myanmar (Credits) Rosters: César Vallejo Kits: Vicoto and ALWAYS