1. kaboom

    Help me create a scoreboard

    Can someone create this scoreboard for me? If it's necessary I'll compensate your work, thank you very much.
  2. Derbyoflove

    Overlay Emporium - Theory and Practice of Scoreboards, Pop-ups and Wipes

    Dear Soccergaming Community, as interest is growing in this topic and my general graphics thread gets a bit confusing I decided to open this new one. I intend to create an index for all my so far created scoreboards to make search easier, post new creations and collect and summarize knowledge...
  3. M

    (FIFA 22) (TU9) Replace all generic scoreboards,line up graphics etc. with the Champions league one

    Very bad title ik but idk how to call it else Works 95% with TU9
  4. Ziro Free

    Carabao Cup Scoreboard?

    Does anyone have the scoreboard of the carabao cup?
  5. Ziro Free

    How do I delete the espn scoreboard?

    How do I delete the espn scoreboard? I can't go back to the normal fifa 14 scoreboards, how do I help?
  6. L

    scoreboard collection

    here I will be uploading different sb that I am finding on the internet.
  7. DeBuDDi

    Minifaces, Splashscreen, Scoreboard, etc

    FIFA 21 Kit for FIFA 14: Download 451 New Kit (Away,GK,Home,Third,Fourth if available) List Kit: Bundesliga, La Liga, Ligue 1, Premier League, Serie A, Turkey Super Lig Credit to File extraction by ramzidz15 FIFA 21 kit textures by scouser09 Cagliari 3rd kit & Spezia Calcio kit by makispla...

    Scoreboards - Kits - Graphics - LaLiga

    LA LIGA SMARTBANK [Scoreboard-POP-UPS] Spanish second division Scoreboard .rar/file']Download
  9. Avaare

    FIFA 20 Originals from UCL, EPL, La Liga and others in Normal Match or FUT

    Hi, I ported a scoreboards from original FIFA files, to Normal kick off or FUT (no ban, i testing) LA LIGA : MLS : EPL ...
  10. AntonioSG

    Looking for 3D Logo and Scoreboard FIFA14

    Hello, someone will have 3D logos for FIFA14, like UCL, UEL, Serie A (Italy & Brazil) and if they have the ones from other cups and leagues, it would be perfect for me PLS! I found some but they are for FIFA15 :c I'm also looking for ESPN scoreboard for FIFA14. TY
  11. joninhashacktic

    How to add scoreboard?

    I'm creating a mod directed in realism, but I want to add scoreboard to a league, is it possible? If yes, how do I do it?
  12. DejanBN

    Scoreboard tutorial

    Hi, guys. I want to learn how to completely edit the scoreboard. Since I didn't find a similar theme anywhere for Fifa 14, I decided to open a new one. I flipped through the complete theme "Scoreboard by Danilo" for FIFA 16, but most of those things don't match Fifa 14. I'm familiar with some...
  13. Alan23

    Help me create a scoreboard please !!

    Hi guys, I need your help creating the Liga do Brasil scoreboard. If anyone can help me I will be very grateful. (I'm very layman about edits)

    Scoreboard King's Cup (LACOPA DEL REY) HELP | FIFA 14

    Hi guys, my first post in soccergaming, I mean a scoreboard and a (THE KING CUP), but I have a problem with colors of scoreboard (time, scores, house away) so I have seen that it can be changed with Flex Editor xHEditor, but when trying to change the files ******FF and regenerate, return to the...
  15. Clueless Donkey

    [SOLVED] Scoreboard Timer Glitch

    When I am playing a match in FIFA 16 on PC the 4th official will hold up the board showing additional minutes way before the 45th/90th minute, and the game will often end before I even get to 90 minutes. Also the player bars at the bottom seem to just show a random player for some reason. ---...
  16. ScottPilgrim

    ScottPilgrim's Scoreboards

    MOVED TO A NEW THREAD Sh0wZz's Scoreboards
  17. F

    Changing Color Of A Competition Or League

    Well. I want to modify an existing league's scoreboard and popups, but when i do the replacements in graphics I noted there is a changing color depending on the region or league and it changes my scoreboard and popups. I would be happy if i could change the region color with the db master in CG...
  18. Leandro Ariagno

    Leandro Ariagno's Mods

    Hi everyone, my first post, i like to share this ESPN logo for fifa 18, hope you like it Hola a todos, mi primer post, me gustaria compartir este logo de ESPN para fifa 18, espero que les agrade ___________________________________ MY OTHER MODS - MIS OTROS MODS: UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE MOD...
  19. Murillo 14

    Scoreboard and Pop - Ups Rusia 2018 by Murillo 14

    I share these scoreboard and pop ups for Russia's World Cup * logos not included DOWNLOAD
  20. Yuhonoindra

    FUT Scoreboard + EPL Fix

    Fut scoreboard fifa 18 and fix epl scoreboard for cracked version Hope you like it Sorry i dont upload a picture Check this out link and video: https://youtu*be/9WSD7yFOcHI change (*) to(.) Any question you can comment in channel or comment below.