1. V

    STADIUMS Olympic games 52 to 20 THREAD

    Hi guys I’m here to ask you some help with some stadiums for the Olympic games patch from 52 to 2020 here is the link: So some of these stadiums doesn’t even exist anymore so if...
  2. V.K

    Unique Stadiums Preservation Thread

    Hey all. I am posting some old/unique but bugged/incomplete stadiums we have, maybe and hopefully someone would be interested in converting/fixing/bringing them to a playable state (F14/F16) due to their one-of-a-kind nature. @gonzaga @saul.silva @Masterleo10 @humbertoaze @kotiara6863...
  3. Ziro Free

    River Plate Stadium Monumental Update?

    someone who updates the River plate stadium (the monumental one) without the "athletics track" and with its canvases "as in the images?
  4. Ziro Free

    Tigre Stadium Fifa 14?

    Does anyone have the Tigre stadium for fifa 14? I can't find it anywhere
  5. Ziro Free

    FIFA 14 Stadiums Argentina

    Anyone who has stadiums in Argentina to download?
  6. D

    PES 6 Stadium Conversions

    Hi All, I'm new to stadiums and I have browsed the web countless hours in search of tool/guides/tutorials etc. I have managed to export pes 6 stadiums etc. but where are the crowd files located for these stadiums as the stadiums are all empty when exported? There are crowd files in .str file...
  7. Dmitri

    OTools - import/export O/FSH files

    Otools is a tool for importing/exporting EA model format (.o). O is a file extension in EA Sports games which is used for model and animation files. The file may contain model data, skeleton information, animations, rendering information and shaders. O files were used mostly in games developed...
  8. I

    What the name of stadium before play match in fifa 18?

    Hi everyone. Does anyone know the name of stadium before play match in fifa 18? Stadium Thank so much....
  9. fachis46

    Turned crowd, SOLVED..Hinchas rotados resuelto

    Voy a explicarlo en Español, Ingles y imagen estará debajo de la explicación. I will explain it in Spanish, English and Portuguese.. the image is below the explanation. Vou explicar em espanhol, inglês e português ...a imagem está abaixo da explicação. Español:::: Vista 3d...
  10. D

    there is any new with stadiums?

    hello peoples, Is there any breakthrough with program that help upload stadium model in the game? why at least 2 years there is no new about it?
  11. J

    Creation Master 16- Installed new stadiums on fifa 16 but can't play at night

    Hi everyone, I added new stadiums to my fifa 16 with Creation Master and they are working but i can't play at night . If i choose to play a match at 22:00 , the game will start in day too. Do you know any way to fix that? Best Regards
  12. Benya100

    Benya's Fixed Faces (Shiny Hair Issue)

    Hi I will post here FIFA 14 faces with the shiny hair issue fixed Credits of this fix goes to @Wall
  13. fujimaru911

    PES 2019 | Around CAMP NOU Stadium Details with Nvidia Ansel | Fujimarupes

    PES 2019 | Around CAMP NOU Stadium Details with Nvidia Ansel | Fujimarupes I make videos game tribute/ montage... special PES & FIFA. Hope u like my video and will suport me. Thank You :D Like - Share - Comment - SUBSCRIBE if u like my video. :D
  14. M

    Stadiums by Marian(TIM)

    Hello, I'm looking to sell some of my 3D .3dm for(Rhino) and .3ds file format. for more info please contact me! CenturyLink Field (Seattle Sounders FC) screenshots You also can find the stadium for FIFA 10 on this thread...
  15. ScottPilgrim

    we need Crowd and glares makers

    hey guys i think we need more makers for crowds and glares! if u post tutorials everyone can see and learn, i would learn and make every @The Wizard stadium available for everyone, i really love his stadiums
  16. raldney

    Raldney3d Stadium

    Aqui estarei postando meus trabalhos para Fifa16 PC (I will be posting here my works for Fifa 16)
  17. .asensio20

    FIFA DATABASE Hello guys. Probably most of you do not know me. I am an old modder but I am not so famous because I only worked for personal interest. Now I'm going to try to do something in everyone's interest. A few months ago I opened my own community. We are a...
  18. saul.silva

    Help with adboards and flags (banners)

    Please can anybody of good heart tell me how to solve this problem in the adboards and in the flags (banners) that I put? I already tried with the adboard that comes in the's template, I already tried to import this adboard from another stadium, but it continues the same way...
  19. saul.silva

    saul.silva's stadiums

    On this link you find all my stadiums: