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2006 unqualified teams for Classic Patch 14 (to be locked)


Club Supporter
Hello everyone !

The aim of this thread is to collect everything that could simplify integration of 2006 unqualified teams in the Classic Patch 14.

Here is the complete list of teams Giggi had planned to include :
Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Austria, Romania, Finland, Bulgaria, Hungary, South Africa, Morocco, Wales, Turkey, Denmark, Greece, Slovakia, Russia, Norway, Israel, Belgium, Colombia, Uruguay, Chile, Senegal, Cameroon, Egypt, Nigeria, Northern Ireland, China

Teams written in bold are the priority : missing graphics and db.
I have already worked on some teams coming from a previous version of my add-on : kits were made by me and renewals would be appreciated though x)
You can find my kits here

In order to achieve that, any help is appreciated : kits, other graphics, 23-player squads or even final cmps !
For information, wanted kits are those that were worn in 2006, not during World Cup qualifiers ;)


Club Supporter
Current advancement

BelgiumOKOKv1 (H, A, GK)
CameroonOKOKv1 (H, A, GK)
ChileOKOKv1 (H, A, GK)
ColombiaOKOKv1 (H, A, GK)
DenmarkOKOKv1 (H, A, GK)
EgyptOKOKv1 (H, A, GK)
GreeceOKOKv1 (H, A, GK)
Republic of Ireland
IsraelOKOKv1 (H, A, GK)
NigeriaOKOKv1 (H, A, GK)
NorwayOKOKv1 (H, A, GK)
RussiaOKOKv1 (H, A, GK)
SenegalOKOKv1 (H, A, GK)
SlovakiaOKOKv1 (H, A, GK)
South Africa
TurkeyOKOKv1 (H, A, GK)
UruguayOKOKv1 (H, A, GK)
Northern Ireland