2020-21 patch for FIFA 11 [tokke001]


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when installing patches, do I need to regenerate after each installation, or regenerate after installing all the patches?
normally regenerate is done by me: it should be oke after installation (no regenerate needed)

but sometimes the (FIFA 11) basegame is different:
different gameregio with different commentary languages

if u see errors/crashes ingame:
regenerate after u installed all patches

tool Selector > tab "support" > i86 regenerator > GO (wait 1 hour till DONE)


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2021-22 patch

New Thread for the 2021-22 patch:

More info coming !
a 2021/2022 patch on fifa 12 is planned? possibly?
if so, which files should be used and converted?


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I have problem with turkish manager mode. when i play super cup final, the game crashing without any comment. can u help me