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2022-23 patch for FIFA 11 [tokke001]


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Generic 3 Liga..by Anamorph


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    generic 3 liga.png
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Dear @tokke001, Thank you so much for your FIFA11 2014 WC patch, I played for many years.
I know that FIFA offical World Cup patch reduced the teams from 2018 FIFA World Cup dlc. So it's hard to continue renew the line-up squad for every national teams, I just changed their kit form the FIFA16 forums.
Your 2014 WC patch included 203 teams, I want to know how to create a new team and its players? I just want to create the teams that not included in this patch (such as Bhutan, Brunei, Guam, Mauritania, Mauritius etc.) . Is it use CreationMaster11 to create the team and player? Or use other method?
I use CreationMaster11 just to change the 203 national teams' kit in the patch, but CreationMaster11 often crushed, and it hard to open "open - FIFA 11", it's not stable. if CreationMaster11 crushed, it is not possible to open this program again, and I have to install the game again ToT.
Will you make 2022 World Cup patch for FIFA 11?
If not, would you mind to tell me how to create the patch? I really love this game and your patch. Although I'm not younger anymore, but FIFA 11 accompanied me for many years.
Thank you very much!


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hi @tokke001 22 23 When are you planning to release the patch?

Are you going to make hq graphics for 22 23 patch, you didn't do it in the previous patch and the graphics were terrible, I hope you can do it for this patch


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MLS and Primera Division Argentina ...(29 and 28 team

in cases Argentina meybe remain in league 24 team ...(no add in league ...replace in rest world....Aldosivi,Patronato relegation + 2 new team Barracas and Sarmiento ...because it's new in FIFA GAMES

MLS (United States)

...meybe to created 2 league(Conferece) 14 team in league ....first 4 qualified in quarter final (only 1 games)
after semifinal and final (only 1 games)



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1)second league Nederland and Scotland ...it's posibility to add în patch ?

Patch for FIFA 16 created în SG forum from this league

2) new files for new patch....to add în first page ? (logo+ all

3) estimative date release patch ?


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database file (squads....23 for 11 ...contain logo small and large ....kits and minikits FIFA 23 ?


at the moment there s no patch planned for release

i ll try create & upload a database file (squads) of FIFA 23 for FIFA 11
but no full patch planned at the moment, sry
Tokke I noticed an error using the software you created . When converting the switch hair textures into Fifa 14, the software does not remove the second 0 . Normally it should convert from hair_12_0_0_textures.rx3 to hair_12_0_textures.rx3 but that is not the case . What the software did was generating the same switch hair textures. Will there be a fix for this ? Thank you so much .
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Michael D. Trooper

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Happy Holidays Everybody ! I want to ask, can you guys share a ENB patch for fifa 11 for vanilla version , or some kind of a patch that makes visuals better but not killing frames . THX


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any news ?
(NEW database ...put in patch FIFA 22 ?

Saudi Arabia League generic (by Paolo DNY) ...AL Nassr (CR7

+new logo Al Hilal (2 variant


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