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2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar Patch for FIFA 16


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But are they now named correctly/identified other than by listening to each one?
Not really. Folders & files from chants are still jumbled.

Commentary from WC 2014, however, is now properly organised.
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i am stuck to play this mod in favorite team choice (press enter on keyboard or press A on gamepad couldn't go any where for startup the game to main menu) what should I do!


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Khalifa is still the old one, unless there's a new one?
I mean the only version we seemed to have has been this one with the old roof
Qatar - Khalifa International Stadium (ملعب خليفة الدولي)
Stadium model converted by The Wizard
Crowds made by me
Need Glares and banners

The version we have in F14 at least is also rather sad looking
Especiaqlly compared with Goznaga's pro level WC 2022 stadiums:

And Humberto said he wasn't planning on making a new one
Not in my plan, maybe convert from PES6, the version from PES2021 is really heavy.

The PES 2021 version does look much more like the real thing though

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