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Once again, I'd like to thank the people who have supported my time. I don't receive requests anymore, but it's nice to see that people like some of the faces I make.

@Frankice76 @Alex-lightning @BloodRedBavarian13 @elkaos19 @Maxwell19 @lacinkacinka89

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Это был лучший результат до сих пор, есть какие-нибудь мысли?

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[ПОЛЬЗОВАТЕЛЬ=218135]@Дмитрий[/ПОЛЬЗОВАТЕЛЬ] можете ли вы помочь нам понять, как конвертировать FBX в FIFA 14/16. Я отправил тебе сообщение в личку

This has been the best result so far, any thought?

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@Dmitri can you help us understand how to convert from FBX to FIFA 14/16. I sent you a PM
Hi, Lagwagon. Can you make some video tutorial how to convert headmodel from FIFA 22 to FIFA 16 by blender. I can make conversion and we will have more new faces in FIFA 16


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FINAL FACEPACK! Thanks for all these years of support, I wish you all have a great life

Veseli Frederick - Salernitana (Requested by @Frankice76 )

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Hi @Lagwagon93,

I am getting a crash with Frédéric Veseli's files. I assumed it was because he has long hair on my db so I tried to use the simhair file but without any success. Is there any other thing I should edit to make it work?

Thank you for your amazing work!